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Post Falls // Idaho

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Always had bicycles but never any serious MTB riding. Hoping to correct that and enjoy improving my skills in the woods.

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That's neat! You can tell it's an aspen, by the way it is. Seriously. This is what getting out in the woods is all about. Combining riding and enjoying the woods.
I feel horrible for Ben that he had to endure such a tragedy. I also get he doesn't want pity so I am thoroughly impressed with his resolve, drive and motivation to make great things happen out of awful circumstances. I hope he makes a living out of manufacturing chairs, hires employees and creates something…
I bought my Framed Wolftrax almost a year ago and it is my all year bike. I'm picking up a studded wheel set this weekend for the winter. I got this bike in carbon with RockShox Bluto forks. 27.5x4" tires and it is so much fun without snow. Added a dropper post, too. I can…
troutwest66   on Jan 14, 2020
commented on What's Your Favorite Mountain Bike Color?
I have a black Framed Wolftrax Carbon fatbike with RockShox Bluto forks. Black rims, bars and grips. Looks like the MTB Batmobile! Very cool looking bike. I'm not a flashy guy and I don't go for the bright or neon colors in bikes, clothing or gear. I'm also a hunter and fly fisherman so I…
I use Strava mostly for running or walking. I do like seeing how active I've been, how many miles I covered, my progress on my runs and mile pace. Occasionally it's cool to see how I compared to others on some climbs on my bike. Do I really suck or hey, not too bad! When…
I get wanting good gear but what I find totally comfortable and economical is your preferred chamois compression shorts under stretchy hiking shorts. I have several pair of Wrangler Outdoor cargo shorts that are light and stretch. I can carry necessary things in pockets, I don't look like I just came off the tour de…
If I'm moving then the cold is less of a factor. For me it's traction and if the snow is too soft or deep. As long as I can pedal through it without over exerting I'm good to go.
I won't be dumping my NX 1x12 anytime soon on my fatbike. I like having gear choices. Maybe I ride differently or different terrain in the mountains where I live. I do use the middle gears more than some I suppose.
I'm a hunter first and mountain biker second. There are so many access restrictions to different modes of travel it is ridiculous. Where we used to drive and see game is now closed to motorized traffic. Didn't bother them then. I witnessed a moose calf move 30 yards and then circle right back to mama…
m.krupp, I love this bike! The Wolftrax comes with Sram NX Eagle 1x12 and Level T hydraulic brakes. SunRingle Mulefoot 80 rims which need the Gorilla tape treatment to seal tubeless. Terrene Cake Eater tires (have performed well so far). Carbon rims are another $500 but will seal much easier. I couldn't justify another $500.…
In '98 I traded three dozen trout flies I tied for a used Schwinn Impact that my wife still rides. In February I bought my first real mountain bike and went all out, sort of. I went with a Framed Wolftrax Carbon with Rockshox Bluto, 27.5 x 4 fat tires. Now I have a year…
troutwest66   on Aug 2, 2019
commented on Terrene Wazia Fat Bike Tire Review
I have a Framed Woftrax Carbon fatbike, hard tail and Bluto forks. It came with the Terrene Cake Eaters. I haven't ventured on ice for good reason and all snow conditions conducive to riding the traction has been good. The dirt trails, mostly grown over logging roads with plenty of debris in the road, has…
troutwest66   on Jul 27, 2019
rode 15.2 miles at Route of the Hiawatha

Hiawatha Return Trip- Forgot to start the app on the way up. via Strava
troutwest66   on Jul 27, 2019
updated Route of the Hiawatha conditions to Good
troutwest66   on Jul 27, 2019
updated Route of the Hiawatha conditions to Good
Much more difficult to dynamite the brakes coming downhill with speed and safely stop with any wheeled mode of transportation. Makes more sense to stop on the climb. Getting started again may suck but that's what my 50 tooth ring is for! Flat trails with room should be easy for both to keep moving if…
troutwest66   on Apr 15, 2019
added T1562
Old logging road. Mostly ATV and other uses.
troutwest66   on Apr 15, 2019
added a map of T1562
troutwest66   on Apr 14, 2019
rode 6.5 miles at T1562

MTB east side of Canfield. Uphill the whole way. Fast coming down though!! ???? via Strava
troutwest66   on Apr 14, 2019
updated T1562 conditions to Good
troutwest66   on Apr 14, 2019
updated T1562 conditions to Good
troutwest66   on Apr 3, 2019
added Mountain View Cyclery
Mountain View Cyclery
troutwest66   on Mar 17, 2019
commented on a photo of Framed Framed Wolftrax
Feels very nimble. I'm not a real experienced mountain biker but this bike has been fun so far. Only had a couple snow rides so when the dirt shows again I can't wait to cover some more ground.
troutwest66   on Mar 17, 2019
added a photo of Framed Framed Wolftrax
Snowmobile trail on the river road.
As a sort of new MTB owner and rider any education will help. I enjoy reading the literature that comes with things I buy, new bike, new gun, new truck, etc. Shops can encourage etiquette and offer simple classes or resources to look up. Sometimes it is simple and unintended ignorance on the trails.
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