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bmx background on a hardtail now enjoying every second and always up for a challenge
killer climb   1 week ago
replied to Easier climbing
Low and slow. Take a break or as many as it takes then work on eliminating the breaks one at a time.Once you can do the climb straight through move up a gear...
Wow, those are great stories with no harm done. What a chuckle I had from them, just good stuff. Left my phone on my car roof after a really good ride and...
killer climb   1 week ago
replied to dropper post user fee
My bike came with a no name dropper and has been used to death with no troubles(knock on wood). I'll have to say  though if i didnt have a dropper  i'm  not...
I always wear a helmet. Took one ride in some heavy rocks and spooked me good.I recently fell doing some trials type riding on a serious rock path at 0     ...
killer climb   1 week ago
replied to Pet Peeves of the Trail
Wow rmap01 didnt see the thread. Glad and not so glad to see that other mountain bikers are not just enjoying themselves to the fullest riding their mountain bike lol. Ill have...
killer climb   2 weeks ago
started a topic: attitudes
More negativity. I'm curious to how much negative attitude people get while riding. On nasty single track i see almost none except for a hiker occasionally that has a attitude that im...
killer climb   3 weeks ago
replied to e-bikes
I did see a older women on a e-bike yesterday on a rail trail and I'll have to say I took a step back.  She was just cruising along with what I...
killer climb   3 weeks ago
replied to e-bikes
Well, the bike showed up and needless to say I have no interest in it at this point. Didn't even go check it out and heres my b...h. Of course I  was...
killer climb   on May 21, 2019
replied to tire inserts
Check out tyre invader
killer climb   on May 19, 2019
replied to Sram Eagle 1x12 help!
Had to respond on this one. I pick up sticks and twigs all the time. Its just crazy when ya square up a stick on the ride and it gets caught in...
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Well whats the definition of not going that fast i ask. Most of my enjoyable riding has been on average of under 4mph. Slow climbs technical sections and just easy flow trails....
killer climb   on May 17, 2019
replied to Hard Tail with Dropper, help!
Marins are on my radar for a full sus bike. I don't wanna put to much into the roscoe although I have done a little. Dropped to a  wolf 28 chainring, also...
killer climb   on May 17, 2019
replied to Hard Tail with Dropper, help!
I'm on a roscoe 8, which is more than you wanna spend and if you can get a Kona with dropper and decent front fork for under a G thats a awesome...
killer climb   on May 15, 2019
replied to e-bikes
Well said, my buds e-bike should be showing up any day and I'm dying to try it out. Guess for some biking is about the fitness , some its transportation and a...
killer climb   on May 14, 2019
replied to e-bikes
I hope your right about keeping e-bikes under control. If they dont get any faster that would keep the safety better also. I dont know about others but crashing a bicycle is...
killer climb   on May 12, 2019
replied to e-bikes
Well I'm glad to see we are getting along on topic:( but heres another kicker for the motor huggers. If you think the e-bikes technology is good well hello its gonna get...
killer climb   on May 8, 2019
replied to e-bikes
It certainly will be interesting in the future with e-bikes. Its just gonna complicate a already fragile area of biking. As for the price it was just under 2000. Not nearly enough...
killer climb   on May 7, 2019
started a topic: e-bikes
Looking for thoughts on ebikes on the trails. A buddy is getting a starter budget mtb ebike soon and I'm curious to see what it all about. I'm in the sport for...
killer climb   on Apr 20, 2019
replied to Your best crash story
Reality check, all true mountain bikers possess a over the bars club card im pretty sure
killer climb   on Apr 20, 2019
started a topic: cheap fun
Have to say that spending 1500 on new bike i thought was a bit much but its over and i love the ride. A friend just spent 195? on a scwhinn and...
killer climb   on Apr 20, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
Ive  been rippin 2019 roscoe8. Besides nothing its a great bike that most cant outride. Dropper, airfork,2.8 tires thing has been a great climber and with correct air pressure can bomb the...
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