How Does This FS Mountain Bike with AXS Cost Just $1,599?

The low price on this complete mountain bike with a wireless electronic drivetrain has us doing a double and triple take.

It’s clear that Bikes Direct is not your typical online bike shop. You never know what you’re going to find there, and yesterday we did a double, then triple take. Check out this $1,599 full-suspension Gravity mountain bike with a SRAM GX Eagle AXS wireless drivetrain. A GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit alone costs $633, and that doesn’t even include a crankset, cassette, or chain!

Looking more closely the suspension is entry-level Rockshox but still, it is name brand. Ditto for the tires (Maxxis), hydraulic disc brakes (SRAM), and even the dropper post (KS), though the dropper is one of their cheapest with just 100mm of travel. The single-pivot frame is said to offer up to 5in of travel depending on whether it’s configured with 27.5+ or 29in wheels.

Is this legit, and if so, how is it so cheap? Short of buying a department store bike and slapping a GX Eagle AXS on there, we’re coming up blank. Fortunately Bikes Direct includes this helpful information on the product page. (The formatting and words are theirs, not ours.)

SALE FAQ: Q: How is this price so low, near comparable dealer wholesale? It’s hundreds to thousands below other brands similar spec bikes, What corners are being cut? A: No Corners have been cut on quality. BikesDirect has cut expenses by selling direct to you AND : 1) Minimal Advertising, 2) NO Sales Commissions, 3) No physical store overhead, 4) No inflated Corporate pay structures

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