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Rode some singletrack in NJ in '91 on a Mongoose Rockadile, moved out a couple years later, gave bike away. Just started back up in AZ this fall, SO many more places to ride out here!

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PaulieDC   on May 1, 2019
added a review of Trek Marlin 7

For $729, great frame and drivetrain/brakes for the money. XR2 tires are fine for general riding. The Roarange color is...
PaulieDC   on May 1, 2019
I ride at work on rough pavement and desert floor sand and 40 psi works for me. That's high for...
Why on earth should a land owner be responsible if somebody crashes on their mountain bike? ESPECIALLY in the MTB world where the most daring riders traverse terrain that no other sport will touch. Sorry, the earth is the earth and if you head out to ride it, you're responsible for you.
SO glad to hear your success, congrats and it's an inspiration! I'm a horrible 355 lbs and just started a whole new mindset. Bought a Trek Marlin 7 which does hold my weight and I'm starting with 3 miles a day here at work, we have a 1 mile walking path and I have an…
Oh, this $15 seat is also a must, it is SO comfortable for big folks like me that are getting into this for fitness: The stock seat on Marlin 7 is nothing short of a torture device (and I'm broken in already from my Hybrid road bike I got before the Trek). Suffice it…
I'm a noob to MTB and a Clyde (300lbs+) and this is now my favorite exercise on earth. Couldn't agree more about bar and stem changes. Got an entry level hardtail (Trek Marlin 7) because it easily holds 350lbs regardless of the specs, but found it so uncomfortable because I felt like I was having…
PaulieDC   on Nov 6, 2018
commented on
Took this before handlebar upgrade to Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon 40mm Rise
PaulieDC   on Nov 6, 2018
spec'd a bike: Trek 2019 Trek Marlin 7
PaulieDC   on Nov 6, 2018
added a photo of Trek 2019 Trek Marlin 7
2019 Trek Marlin 7
PaulieDC   on Nov 6, 2018
added Trek 2019 Trek Marlin 7
Mostly stock. Added FSA Carbon seatpost to get 20mm offset, and Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon bars to get 40mm rise....
PaulieDC   on Nov 6, 2018
added 2019 Trek Marlin 7
? Frameset Frame - Alpha Silver Aluminum, internal derailleur, dropper post and brake routing, chainstay brake mount, rack & kickstand mount, G2...
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