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Back after a 15 year break...

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Plenty of space, pockets and ventilation. Will make for a great day hike pack too!
Moto Bike Mike   1 day ago
commented on a photo
Beautiful image. The natural beauty of the rainbow remains.
Yeah, not seeing much savings here myself. That said, I like aluminum frames and have personally always been distrustful of carbon for MTB applications.
Moto Bike Mike   3 days ago
commented on a photo
Nice ride, beautiful setting.
Moto Bike Mike   1 week ago
commented on a photo of Wildcat Trail
Both brands are great and I have (and do) own both. My preference is Fox, mainly because I'm an old motohead that remembers them as a kid in the 70s when they...
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Moto Bike Mike   1 week ago
replied to I Hit A Tree The Other Day
Hooked a front brake lever on a tree once. Walked around bug eyed for a few days. Can you say wicked deceleration? Lol.
Moto Bike Mike   1 week ago
replied to Advice for rock gardens
Well, it has been a loooong while since my last ride on a hardtail, but try sitting and smoothly spinning where you can to save energy. Pick the smoothest lines possible and...
Another vote for Oury.
Moto Bike Mike   1 week ago
replied to Test riding
Some of our local shops prefer to rent you a bike ($30-75) for a day and credit the the rental fee if you buy from them. IMHO, that is completely reasonable vs...
Moto Bike Mike   2 weeks ago
replied to Advice for rock gardens
Good advice given in previous posts. Fitness is a big issue to ride extended rock garden cause you have to maintain momentum. Sometimes that takes heavy effort to clear an obstacle in terrain...
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Moto Bike Mike   1 week ago
replied to Advice for rock gardens
Also a quick comment on bike setup... Initial suspension action should be set up on the supple side, IMHO. My preference is to run "full active", meaning light compression damping (certainly not locked...
My vote is to drop the politically correct bs and keep the podium girls.
Good read Maureen. Glad to hear you are working thru you post crash jitters. A skills clinic is something I've been thinking about too. As someone that grew up riding dirt bikes, mountain bikes are sketchy handling. By that i mean things happen fast on a 32 pound bicycle compared to a motocross bike. Now,…
Moto Bike Mike   2 weeks ago
added a review of Duck River

Maybe there is hope that trail maintenance will be happening soon...
Moto Bike Mike   3 weeks ago
commented on a photo
Mad skills, man. Beautiful image.
Congrats on your new job. Night ride in or near the hood? No thanks. Spent way more time in Birmingham than I ever wanted to and have no desire to be around it ever again.
Sad news. Greg's awesome photography is something I'll certainly miss. Best wishes on your future endeavours Greg!
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 16, 2018
replied to Mechanical Problems
Asher, It sounds like you may have an issue with your rear hub, but it's hard to diagnose something like that without seeing it. Since you are unsure of the causes of both problems...
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 15, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
Framebreaker, Agreed! The other day I was looking at computers at the LBS. The problem is, I don't care to put numbers into my ride experience like I did in the past. It's...
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 15, 2018
commented on The Ultimate Trail Bike Buyer's Guide
Nicely done article that really gives a good overview of the modern trail bike. When I returned to the sport a few months ago, the equipment changes of the past few years were considerable. Eventually I was able to sort thru things and get the right bike, but this article would have been most helpful.…
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 12, 2018
replied to Are MTB Clinics Worthwhile?
Thanks for the input guys. It sounds like the training is well worth while. May give it a go this Fall. Here's The clinic I have in mind. Local instructor and training...
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Sounds like you already got your money's worth...

Very well written and organized. Great information that will help you ride better.

Very cool shop setting and friendly staff. Highly recommended.
Regular helmet, Alpinestars Paragon knee pads and, if it's not to hot, Paragon elbow pads. A few falls when I first started back riding quickly convinced me the armor was needed.
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Sued over fat farley... Sucks to be Trek. Hard to imagine that they would be inclined to believe any such association would sell.
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 6, 2018
commented on a photo
Whoa! Gnarly!
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 4, 2018
started a topic: Are MTB Clinics Worthwhile?
Any of y'all done a riding clinic? What is your opinion, money well spent or No? Thanks.
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 3, 2018
commented on a photo of Mt. Zion Bike Trails
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 3, 2018
commented on a photo
Another excellent image, Greg!
BTW Bob. Beautiful photography in the article!
Years ago we had a black lab that went on rides with me near home (not public trails). One day I went out and he was lagging behind. Thinking he would go home if tired, I continued the ride. By the time my loyal friend dropped out, he nearly died of hyperthermia. I was clueless…
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 2, 2018
replied to New Fluid HT vs Used Fluid FS
We'll, I am spoiled by full suspension and  could never go back to a hardtail so you know my vote. Try the FS bike. If you spin the crank efficiently, you'll be...
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 2, 2018
replied to Full Suspension Question
Thanks for the replies folks. Think I'll stay where I'm at for now, though going to max sag up front and adding a volume spacer has crossed my mind... That might smooth...
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Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 2, 2018
replied to Thoracic outlet syndrome anyone?
Wishing you a full recovery and sorry to hear of your medical issue. Since I've never experienced anything similar there is no recovery advice I can give, but it is good the...
Moto Bike Mike   on Jun 2, 2018
replied to Tubeless?
Took a spin today on some rocky trail. It looks like I'll be running 26-28 psi up front and 30 or so on the rear. Thanks again for everyone's help.
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