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Carbon fiber wheels? No thanks.
Moto Bike Mike   on Aug 6, 2019
replied to e-bikes
Ebikes certainly have a place. To each his own. If someone wants to ride an ebike, what is that to me?  At 54, it occurs to me that if I tried an...
Think I'll pass on Patagonia.
I friggin hate snakes. Glad ole Jim is ok.
Fun article Paxton. I love historic sites! Mongwolf- From one RR history nut to another, ride to the old Colorado Midland tunnel at Hagerman Pass (Leadlville). It's a fun trip. There are some great historic photos online.
What I'd like to see revesed??? The image of mountain bikers as just a bunch of crazy ass kids doing backflips and jumping everything in sight. Is anyone wondering how this sensationalism...
Moto Bike Mike   on Jan 28, 2019
replied to Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)?
Alpinestars Vector pants have been working well for me on cooler rides.  
The gov't shutdown has had about zero effect on most Americans. I say we build the wall with the money we are saving and keep the partial shutdown in place permanently. Two birds, one stone.
Men were never designed for the BS of the modern world, never designed to sit in a cubicle all day. Yes, any adventure is therapeutic and mountain biking is a grand adventure....
Moto Bike Mike   on Dec 21, 2018
replied to Lost weight by mountain biking?
No weight loss story here but running is what slims me most. Problem is, I really don't enjoy running very much. Could cut back on the beer and texmex... Naw.
Moto Bike Mike   on Dec 20, 2018
replied to Singletracks Homepage Improvements?
My wish is a fix for the forum. Whenever I try to add a link to a post my Samsung tablet goes nuts. The keyboard pops in and out of view until...
Moto Bike Mike   on Dec 20, 2018
replied to FS bike weight - today's standards
I can remember a day when bike weight was a big deal, but back then (90s) the focus seemed to be either cross country or downhill. Trail riding really wasn't recognized needing...
Moto Bike Mike   on Dec 1, 2018
replied to Coyote Attacks
For years I hunted coyote and always found them to be spooked by human presence. There are always stories floating around about outdoor enthusiasts being trailed or attacked, but I haven't experienced...
I support the president's tariffs too and will gladly pay more for products that don't bolster the chicom economy. Our politicians have sold us out for far to long. America first.
Moto Bike Mike   on Oct 16, 2018
replied to New from Southeast Ga
Welcome aboard!
The Fox Rhythm 34 is a great fork for reasonable coin. Love mine. Here's a link to MBAs test.
      They are closer in price than I first thought. Apparently Specialized has had a price increase since the 2019s hit the market because the original 2019 AL Comp was $3k. Glad I...
Moto Bike Mike   on Oct 9, 2018
replied to Canyon Customer Service
Sorry to hear of the troubles you are having. They must be really frustrating and hopefully you will get things worked out soon. I looked hard at Canyon bikes when I got back...
If I'm looking at the right Trek (Remedy 8), it is $1000 more than the Stumpy... One could do a few fun road trips to distant epic rides for a grand. Just...
Not sure which would be best, but there is probably no wrong answer here. Have you ridden both? I will say that my 2018 Stumpy AL Comp has exceeded my expectations. It...
Thieves are scum. Inside job?
Moto Bike Mike   on Oct 7, 2018
commented on a photo of Lost Lake Trail
Beautiful view!
Danny is entertaining to watch, for sure. Not only does he have amazing skill, but he always seems to have a smile on his face and enjoying the moment. Count me a fan!
That would be a real mess after the first mud hole.
Osprey makes awesome gear, so it is likely that these are top notch. That said, I LOVE my Osprey Raptor 14 pack and doubt I'll be buying anything else for some time.
My thinking is that if the skin is covered it will be somewhat hotter either way. After several falls where my Alpinestars Paragon knee and/or elbow armor paid big dividends, I'll stick to bash over rash.
Never owned an Ebike, but glad to hear they are being accepted in more places. They sound like a fun option for many folks.
Was just out there about 3 weeks ago. They will drop you off at Monarch Pass (no uses permit needed, it's on a public highway). From there you ride the Crest and...
Moto Bike Mike   on Aug 31, 2018
replied to Bad crash
Daaayummm. That could have easily caused some serious injury.
Gordon, there are shuttles rides available in town for about $30 per rider. We used an outfit in Poncha Springs on Hwy 285. Don't have their number, but the town is a...
What out border patrol really needs is a freaking wall...
Coming back to trail riding after a long layoff, the new bikes amaze me. My ride has 27.5" wheels and 150mm of travel on each end (Specialized), climbs well, handles technical trail with razor precision, and will normally handle any hit you've got the nerve for and ask for more. It is so much better…
Just took a soil sample last week on a vacation ride near Leadville, Co. Had a few dings and whacked my head on a rock (thank God for a good helmet). No...
Tequila is also good to run in the bladder in the first place, lol.
Moto Bike Mike   on Aug 19, 2018
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