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IdahosJ   3 days ago
added a review of Mt. Emily

Great system of trails! Well marked and an awesome map to follow. Kudos to Steadyeddy and others involved with building....
IdahosJ   on Aug 13, 2019
replied to I Do not Race!
First of all, congratulations on losing 100 pounds.  That is a huge accomplishment, I'm sure riding will help you to keep it off. Many times I've been bringing up the rear in a...
Really appreciate your Three Deep Breaths series. This one is extremely helpful as I am recovering from a total knee replacement that has not gone well and I pulled a couple things out of your interview that have shed a new light on some things I was experiencing. I hope you will continue with articles…
3 short comments about this article: 1) Always, always follow the instructions listed above. Ride, then eat. If your BBQ joint is any kind of good, you should barely be able to walk afterwards, not alone ride. 2) You are brilliant Jeff Barber! BBQ and riding. The two very best things in life. Awesome. Keep…
This looks pretty awesome. I'll probably never ride the whole thing at once but some of the sections look like a stellar week-long ride. Matt, you do a great job of keeping us informed of new and interesting places to ride.
IdahosJ   on Apr 17, 2019
spec'd a bike: Scott Spark 740 Bike
Somewhat new to this site.  Do you ever do one if these in the west?  Enjoy the March ride.
Have to agree with triton189.  Crested Butte in the early summer and again in the fall.  With a detour to Park City on the way to C.B. in the fall.
IdahosJ   on Jan 16, 2019
replied to How do you handle cycling withdrawal?
Riding partners.  Grab 3 of them with trainers and set a day to watch a game, movie, You Tube, etc.  One of the 3 will always show up to spin.  If you...
IdahosJ   on Dec 17, 2018
commented on a photo
Stunning photo with incredible lighting. Nicely done.
IdahosJ   on Dec 12, 2018
commented on a photo of Flash of Gold
Amazing shot of an amazing area in the best time of the year
IdahosJ   on Oct 9, 2018
added a review of Harriman Trail

It's a little under 20 miles of gentle sloping double track that is very well maintained. Aspens, lodgepoles and open...
IdahosJ   on Oct 9, 2018
added 2 photos.
Break in the trees. Psycho Trail
IdahosJ   on Aug 22, 2018
added 2 photos.
Mine Shaft
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