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None! All of the parts mentioned have become so good over the past several years. Dropper post would have easily been my choice a few years ago but they too have gotten to be almost bullet proof. Bottom brackets are a high wear part but the cost is so cheap you just replace them every…
And cut to the chase you did, Matt Miller! Thank you so much for your article, so very informative. And as a 65 year old eMTBer myself, so very encouraging.
Richard, you and I share some, if not all of the same personality traits. Mountain biking has done the same for me. Thank you for your story!
Steve Dallas, you must be my long lost brother. I'm 65 and have no health issues that I'm aware of but have been riding eMTBs for going on three years now, out of my 30 years of mountain biking. You're observations (all of them) are spot on. What most noticeable for me is how my…
I was surprised not to see a selection for 'never watch podcasts'. I rarely click on videos either.
Big ragu, yeah, that's a tough one. I ride ebikes on 90% of my rides. I always yield to other riders regardless of uphill or downhill right of way protocol. Occasionally an oncoming rider will come to a stop before I can come to a stop myself. I always wave them through and say thank…
Zoso and sssirois have it right.
craige   on Dec 16, 2018
commented on Listen: The Electric Mountain Bikes Are Coming
Amen, brother.
Larry, I'm only 65 and have been enjoying/loving mountain biking for as long as I can remember. I define myself by my love of biking. My wife and I have been ebiking for over two years now. The happiness these bikes bring to us cannot be adequately described. The only downside are the frequent encounters…
Well said, Matt. A couple of weeks ago I arranged for a meeting with the director of the OC Parks to specifically discuss eBike access in the park system. We had a local eBike only retail store (my wife and I) there, Felt, Shimano, an equestrian, a hardcore mountain biking couple and a local husband…
craige   on Nov 16, 2018
commented on My First Pedal Assisted Mountain Bike Ride
"Oliver MA & Craige, what are your thoughts on the comparative skills aspect of ebike riding?" Strangely enough I think my ebiking helped to improve my bike handling skills. I am afflicted with the worst target fixation imaginable. Tight switchbacks, whether up or down have always been a problem. Looking through a corner, riding a…
craige   on Nov 15, 2018
commented on My First Pedal Assisted Mountain Bike Ride
rmap01, I typically ride in the lowest power setting and have found that, for the most part, I seem to get about 75-80% of the heart rate I get on a regular bike. I haven't gained any weight since I began riding eBikes two years ago. On that note I eat the same and enjoy…
craige   on Nov 13, 2018
commented on My First Pedal Assisted Mountain Bike Ride
Great piece, Brian. My wife and I have been riding Class 1 eMTBs for a little over two years now. We love them. As a former XC racer, I totally get your point about the different (from a regular bike) sensations that ebikes bring with them. But at 65 years old I seem to not…
WillK, thank you! My feelings exactly. As an old white man I'm beginning to get irritated about being labeled as such. I just love mountain biking. BTW, where I ride there is a large contingency of Filipino riders who come out on weekends. These guys (come to think of it, their all male) are so…
craige   on May 28, 2018
replied to Full Suspension Question
I have been running 30% sag front and rear for years and typically only use about 80-90% travel on a typical ride. My rides are a mixed bag of smooth flow trails,...
craige   on May 15, 2018
replied to Suggestions for getting a tire off of rim
Hi Chris. I have a couple of mountain bikes with wheels that have fairly aggressive bead locks around the inside. I use a vise to pinch the tire together and then push...
I call bullshit. Totally agree with Bill Bailey.
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