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Ugh. I'll make sure to get my park laps in early this year; the trails will be destroyed after this.
Looks amazing
Sounds like a lot of bitching by really well-off people with entitlement issues.
BBelfield   on Mar 15, 2019
replied to Following World Cup Downhill
Red Bull tv is the only way to watch in the USA as far as I know. The app is free though and it's replacing half of the tv I would otherwise...
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I prefer to buy USA made when the product is comparable in price and function as well as being relatively convenient. This idea is doubly important when it's "local" to me. I...
If I only had one bike it would take advantage of most of our modern technology. Since I have multiple, I really enjoy riding the rigid single-speed sometimes. I could go either...
BBelfield   on Mar 6, 2019
replied to What upgrades with $500
I'd buy reward beer and ride to earn them. But seriously leave the drivetrain alone.
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Sounds pretty typical unfortunately.
BBelfield   on Feb 28, 2019
replied to Nukeproof megga
I think it's a happy medium between playful and smashing. It works great at the bike park; it jumps and corners well. I think it prefers good line choice rather then plowing...
BBelfield   on Feb 28, 2019
replied to Nukeproof megga
I own one (27.5), what do you want to know?
BBelfield   on Feb 12, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
Bike trends have nothing to do with trail access. Kids will be kids regardless of the vehicle. Remember when you were 14? Did you give a shit about your actions affecting "land...
Did the same thing last year, took about a month before sleeping and doing real activity was comfortable. About 2 months till 100%.
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Have the Honzo, really like the Honzo. Excellent aggressive "trail" geometry. I have tried + size tires, not my thing. Maybe somewhere other then Southern California is the intended application though for...
I don't get why anyone would risk messing with this stuff.  I'm of the opinion that no part of a bike no matter the cost has an excuse to catastrophically fail. Thinking...
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I hate those days. They're almost always when I'm trying to huck something and it's not clicking. I generally give up as to not kill myself. Any day casually pedaling through nature...
Sounds like a good system. All liability related law should put personal responsibility first.
BBelfield   on Jan 2, 2019
replied to Opinions - Sexism in Cycling
I'll give my feedback on the article as requested; it starts off strong then ends too abruptly. Just when you start exploring other thoughts on the matter you post up a quick...
BBelfield   on Dec 13, 2018
replied to Replacement for WTB WeirWolf
You don't need anything special. All can be run with tubes. Tubeless means tubeless ready, not tubeless required.
BBelfield   on Dec 12, 2018
replied to Replacement for WTB WeirWolf
I think you'll find that any modern tire designed for all around trail use will have more traction then what you're riding. I've run the weirwolf and I do like them for...
There's a few breweries making beers for fire relief in the area. Some will have a bigger distribution radius. Something to think about if you want to try a new beer in the near future.
BBelfield   on Dec 11, 2018
replied to FS bike weight - today's standards
My FS "enduro" bike is around 32lbs but I run relatively lightweight tires. I prefer solid, reliable parts over lightweight but since I build my bikes frame up I use weight as...
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BBelfield   on Dec 11, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
Just addressing the corrosion; hose your grips off after your ride?
BBelfield   on Dec 5, 2018
replied to Bike wash
Car wash soap is great and gentle. That and simple green (for drivetrain) is all you ever need.
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There's a lot more margin built into parts, gear and other accessories. If you already know what you want to upgrade on the bike that's a good bargaining chip.
BBelfield   on Dec 5, 2018
replied to Lost weight by mountain biking?
It would be an interesting read but I for one can't contribute. Riding motivates me to stay fit but is not a big contributor to that cause.
BBelfield   on Nov 20, 2018
replied to Fork, post, shock lube
What part of these parts are you lubing?
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BBelfield   on Nov 20, 2018
replied to Fork, post, shock lube
There are some dedicated stanchion lubes but generally you just keep these areas clean. I have used finish line "dry" as well as other similar products sparingly around the dust seals then...
BBelfield   on Nov 9, 2018
replied to Manual Machine?
I haven't used a manual machine but long manuals are kinda like long wheelies;  you have to do small inputs to keep you going straight or to turn. Usually the problem is...
Suggestion for next article: 11 body parts you can sell to fund your mtb trip to the Alps!
BBelfield   on Oct 31, 2018
replied to Disc Brake clean up and bleed
Replace it. If it was a modern common caliper you can get a rebuild kit but when you can get a new loaded caliper for less then 50$ it's usually not worth...
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Like others have said, do not upgrade that bike. It is essentially a "bike path" bike, meaning tooling around the city and dirt/gravel roads. The $800-1000 range will get you a good...
BBelfield   on Oct 30, 2018
replied to --Please Identify This DH Frame--
BBelfield   on Oct 24, 2018
replied to camelback or water bottles?
I like riding without a pack but I've found that I can't do it and have what I consider necessary to carry. As far as cleaning; if you only put water in...
If you put on your tinfoil hats it's easy to see why bike components are being targeted in these tariffs. Obviously Shimano wants to sell more SLX, XT XTR level components as these are made in Malaysia and Japan! Trump rides Shimano and so do I! In all seriousness, "most" brands and component levels that…
I strongly believe you are correct, this is a (necessary) negotiating tactic. The Light & Motion CEO is being dramatic with his comments. If the claims on their website about designing and manufacturing in the USA are true then they would be forced to raise their prices by a couple dollars at most to make…
Yes more articles like this! I enjoy dorking out over plants and trees and animals and anything in nature! Jeffry Pine tree is my "favorite" tree if I had to pick. Smells like vanilla.
BBelfield   on Oct 18, 2018
replied to Sedona AZ - Beginner to Intermediate
Thanks for suggestions, it would be cool to hear what the OP ended up riding.
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BBelfield   on Oct 18, 2018
replied to Encounters with wildlife
I had a herd of cattle crossing the trail so I waited a few minutes. They all crossed except for one that was a few yards off the side. The second I...
BBelfield   on Oct 17, 2018
replied to Sedona AZ - Beginner to Intermediate
Related question, has anyone used a shuttle service out there? I want to check it out and can ride any trail but if I bring the wife and kid I can't spend...
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