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  • in reply to: Maxxis Ardent or Forekasters as a front tire #264105

    I don’t know about the forkaster but I can say I don’t consider the ardent to be exceptionally grippy or confidence inspiring. Would run as a rear though.

    in reply to: Sea Otter racism #264103

    I really enjoy my racist cargo liner. It segregates the dirt and water from my carpet!

    in reply to: tire pressure #261741

    I’m your weight and have been riding for 25 years. With regular volume tires (around 2.3-2.4 width) I’m around 30 in the rear and 3-4 psi less in the front. You have to keep in mind you need a certain pressure just to support your weight (all other factors coming secondary to this). If you find that you’re having issues with traction or tire squirming I’d look to the tire itself after you figure out what pressure is good for your weight and speed. If you need more then 30psi then you need a stouter tire (heavier duty casing). People that are running near 20 are either light weight, not riding aggressively, on high volume tires or all of those things. If you ride hard and fast over real terrain (with 20psi) and weigh over 200lbs you will blow up your wheels if you can keep the tire on the rim long enough to allow it.

    in reply to: Dropper post for my RH comp #261616

    Also need to know frame size. Med vs L is probably the difference between a 125 and a 150 dropper for your height.

    in reply to: #261516

    Be sure to check it’s backcountry’s discount/sale/clearance site. Both totally reputable, I’ve been buying from them for 10 years

    in reply to: Intense Bikes #261281

    Great bikes, especially how they are priced/specced now. They are always in my top 5 when shopping a bike. I still own a 2012 951FRO

    in reply to: Marin County Says Thanks But No Thanks to MTB Tourism #259320

    Sounds like a lot of bitching by really well-off people with entitlement issues.

    I prefer to buy USA made when the product is comparable in price and function as well as being relatively convenient. This idea is doubly important when it’s “local” to me. I don’t think anyone would argue that putting your money into your community is beneficial to yourself. At the end of the day though I just avoid China when I can. I don’t want my dollars supporting their government or their working conditions and about a million other little things.

    in reply to: Following World Cup Downhill #258869

    Red Bull tv is the only way to watch in the USA as far as I know. The app is free though and it’s replacing half of the tv I would otherwise watch.


    If I only had one bike it would take advantage of most of our modern technology. Since I have multiple, I really enjoy riding the rigid single-speed sometimes. I could go either way on tubless; it’s not that important. Hydro disc brakes are amazing, my road bike has mechanical discs and they’re annoying. Modern cranks/bottom brackets are vastly superior and a dropper post is a must have.

    I guess the answer is no. Even my rigid ss has been upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes and a dropper post.

    Sounds pretty typical unfortunately.

    in reply to: What upgrades with $500 #258286

    I’d buy reward beer and ride to earn them. But seriously leave the drivetrain alone.

    in reply to: Nukeproof megga #257882

    I think it’s a happy medium between playful and smashing. It works great at the bike park; it jumps and corners well. I think it prefers good line choice rather then plowing through stuff but that’s how I ride anyway. I don’t really like the shock (monarch rc3) but that’s about it. I built mine frame up as well and it was easy to keep it around 33lbs without any carbon or weak components.

    in reply to: Nukeproof megga #257865

    I own one (27.5), what do you want to know?

    in reply to: What MTB trend do you want reversed? #256701

    Bike trends have nothing to do with trail access. Kids will be kids regardless of the vehicle. Remember when you were 14? Did you give a shit about your actions affecting “land use”? No, you had no idea and were just having fun. You can still hop a fence and ride where ever you want until you get caught. It just looks a lot dumber as an adult.

    in reply to: 2018 Kona Honzo, Big Kahuna, Salsa Timberjack NX #255953

    Have the Honzo, really like the Honzo. Excellent aggressive “trail” geometry. I have tried + size tires, not my thing. Maybe somewhere other then Southern California is the intended application though for that though.

    in reply to: Recovery time for bruised rib (costochondritis) #255952

    Did the same thing last year, took about a month before sleeping and doing real activity was comfortable. About 2 months till 100%.

    in reply to: What do you do when you are just not ripping it? #254729

    I hate those days. They’re almost always when I’m trying to huck something and it’s not clicking. I generally give up as to not kill myself. Any day casually pedaling through nature is a good time though.

    in reply to: Poor warranty service on cheap Chinese carbon bike frame #254728

    I don’t get why anyone would risk messing with this stuff.  I’m of the opinion that no part of a bike no matter the cost has an excuse to catastrophically fail. Thinking of how hard I’ve eaten shit breaking a chain I can only imagine a headtube snapping off!

    Disclaimer: I have been riding for over 20 years from street and park bmx to hitting big jumps and drops on my first legit mtb and have never had a part break (except aforementioned chains and cheaper cranks) as to injure me. I’ve never even witnessed something like that happen from a “real” bike brand that wasn’t 100% user error.

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