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Phonebem   1 week ago
replied to Torque
Yep, it’s why I have 3 calibrated torque wrenches (different ranges). Every forum I’ve ever been in always has the debate “what torque wrench is best?” I’ll tell you, just get a new...
While I don’t prefer this method, it’s usually the one I use...
Run tubeless only except for the fatbike (only ride on snow and just don’t trust the tires to stay sealed with <5psi). I’ll second what someone else said about just using an injector,...
Phonebem   on Oct 13, 2018
replied to Truck Bed Mounting Options
While it’s not as cheap as the moving blanket over the tailgate option, I have a forkmount rack made from a 2x6 that I’ve mounted axle mounts to.  I screwed some pieces...
I should have been more clear in my earlier comment. You’re right in the pushback mainly being in the Class2&3 ebikes while power assist is just that... I should have quantified that I’m OK with it IF the rider had to be doing most of the work.
Addendum: I also recognize that not everyone lives in both and area with good DH/tough enduro trails and lift-served access. In some places, even shuttling gets tricky due to road access. I do see a potential for ebikes to open-up more riding opportunities for a lot of people.
Yay I get to start! While I don’t own an ebike or have any real desire to own one (see below), I can see a benefit in allowing pedal assist bikes on more trails. First why I don’t want one for me, most of my riding is more cross-country oriented and I genuinely get an…
Phonebem   on Oct 2, 2018
commented on 8 Killer Tips for Mountain Biking at Night
For a spare light, I really like the Petzl eLight. It only weighs 26 grams, fakes less space than a multi-tool and provides more than enough light to get you out of an emergency. Mine lives in my riding pack for every ride.
Phonebem   on Oct 1, 2018
replied to Mountain bike to Gravel bike?
Earlier in the summer a local bike collective had a 90’s Hoo Koo E Koo that was converted to a gravel bike. The want was strong...
Phonebem   on Sep 3, 2018
replied to Moab...yes another ?
I’d say run what you’re comfortable with. If you switch back-and-forth, I’d suggest go with flats. If you’ve ridden exclusively clipless for 20+ years, you should be OK with clipless. If you go...
Phonebem   on Aug 29, 2018
replied to Raising Kids Who Love to Ride
I don’t have any advice to share yet (my son just turned 1 and is getting a balance bike for Christmas), but you just got another subscriber to your blog!
This got me thinking, has anyone else noticed there seems to be an increase in “climbing advice” posts as the LLS trend in bike design continues? I’m just noticing a lot of posts about problems with pedal strikes (low bottom brackets), wandering when climbing (wide bars) and wheelying (slack head tube angles and a general…
An often overlooked part of technical climbing is core strength. You have to manage to separate your leg movement from your upper body, when you don’t things go off-the rails. The wandering...
Phonebem   on Aug 12, 2018
replied to Bronson versus Capra
Yeah, I’m aware of YT being online only (I have a Jeffsy). Have you looked to see if they have any demo dates in your area ( Or maybe do some extensive...
Phonebem   on Aug 12, 2018
replied to Bronson versus Capra
<p style="text-align: left;">If you decide on the Capra I’d recommend trying to demo before buying. I’ve found, if you’re on the fence size-size, it’s usually a good move to go with the...
Phonebem   on Jul 29, 2018
commented on a photo of Cypress Trail
Nice get! Older Fishers were pretty sweet bikes. I almost bought a HooKooEKoo that was converted to a gravel bike from a local bike collective. I just couldn't justify a 6th bike in the rotation...
Phonebem   on Jul 22, 2018
replied to Salsa Beargrease 2017
The ratcheting technique can be your friend.
Phonebem   on Jul 17, 2018
replied to Going Knee Pads - POC, Dakine or TLD?
I know you didn’t mention them but have you looked at G Form? Mine really aren’t much more noticeable than 3/4 length tights when pedaling.
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Phonebem   on Jul 17, 2018
replied to Going Knee Pads - POC, Dakine or TLD?
And I have a problem with  pads with straps (they tend to chafe and bind my skin). You can do under-sleeves but that seems to defeat the purpose of better ventilation. Just a...
Phonebem   on Jul 9, 2018
replied to GT Aggressor Pro Upgrades
Looks like you “upgraded” quite a bit... Too bad you had to go through the broken bike issues, but you ended-up with a pretty good bike that shouldn’t need anything for quite...
Phonebem   on Jul 9, 2018
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
This is kind of embarrassing but I listen to a heavily curated dance/ pop music playlist when I ride. We’re talking Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Kesha, Beyoncé, etc... I’ve found the beat matches my...
Phonebem   on Jul 6, 2018
replied to One Line Advice Thread
“I don’t use brakes, they just slow you down...” -Missy Giove   I actually overheard he tell this to a fan who asked about her brake preference in dual slalom.
Phonebem   on Jul 6, 2018
replied to The Age Old Debate of Rock Shox vs. Fox
First off I’ll admit, I’m just not a good enough rider to tell apart equivalent, properly set-up suspension components. That being said, I’m partial to RockShox mainly due to their support of...
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If the Oury grips are a no-go, the Lizzard Skinz Northshore grips have a similar feel. They are what I went with when Ourys were unavailable and they were about the same...
Phonebem   on Jul 6, 2018
replied to Share mountain bike deals here
I’ve been hesitant to post deals before (out of concern about advertising conflicts). I’ll be sure to share any new ones I find!
Phonebem   on Jul 3, 2018
replied to Test riding
I’ve gotta be honest on this. As much as I want to see LBS stay around, the ones you’ve described are actively erasing their only tangible advantage. If you have access to...
Phonebem   on Jul 3, 2018
replied to Motocross or MTB
As over the top as it seems, the suspension numbers and construction (travel, fork leg diameter, etc.)would make it about an early 90’s MX-er. Admittedly, that is for a much heavier bike/rider...
Rattlesnake Gulch: I screwed-up and climbed it the first time I rode the Pipeline Trail. The worst part is I had to descend it on my hardtail at the end of the ride....
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Phonebem   on Jun 26, 2018
replied to Am I Crazy?
FYI: there was supposed to be a smiley after the last comment. The “train of thought” line was meant to be a setup for a self-deprecating joke.
Phonebem   on Jun 26, 2018
replied to Am I Crazy?
This is where my thinking fell short, I was locked into thinking about traditional drivetrains. Maybe the OP was on to something, the train of thought just stopped a station or two...
Phonebem   on Jun 23, 2018
replied to Am I Crazy?
I really don’t see how it could work. With your chain traveling in a clockwise direction (when looking at the right side of the bike) having the rear mech anywhere other than...
Gonna miss reading Greg’s articles and hearing him on the podcasts... Good Luck Greg!
Phonebem   on Jun 15, 2018
commented on The Ultimate Trail Bike Buyer's Guide
Great write up! I was expecting another list of best bikes at various price points article, but this is a very good primer for those who might have been out of the game for a while. I know I could have used it when I got back into riding a few years ago...
I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a GX Eagle groupset but now I’m glad I held off...
Phonebem   on Jun 13, 2018
replied to Chain wax...go or no go?
I've used White Lightning for years (since the late 90's) and have been happy with it, but I live in a fairly arid environment. If you live in an area with any...
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I do in the odd instances where I have to fix a flat trailside (thank you tubeless!!!) I can't remember ever damaging a grip or doing anything more than scratching a lock-on...
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