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YesHaveSome   on Feb 21, 2020
commented on 6 Warm Mountain Biking Flannels, Reviewed
The cheapest flannel here is $72, with the Kitsbow coming in at a ludicrous $220! I've been very happy with my $20 Wrangler polyester flannels. Warm, breathable, and you can eleven of them for the price of one Kitsbow.
Podcasts! I'm usually listening to an episode of Comedy Bang Bang, We Hate Movies, Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, How Did This Get Made, etc. on my way to the trails.
YesHaveSome   on Apr 20, 2018
replied to Wheel Covers???
I'm very curious to know the answer to this too! Having hauled my fat bike on a trailer hitch rack during winter, I hate the idea of snow, slush, and salt getting...
YesHaveSome   on Apr 20, 2018
replied to Wheel Covers???
Exactly like that. I'm picturing something made from thick, woven nylon or duck cloth. Maybe with velcro straps to secure it to the wheels.
Great article, and very timely as I'm packing up the bike for Pisgah next week! Hopefully the planning and preparation pays off.
YesHaveSome   on Feb 13, 2018
replied to Beginner bike?
So, I thought I typed up and submitted a reply, but apparently something went wrong... Sorry if it double posts. Anyways, here are my thoughts: I wouldn't recommend the Hook or the Tokul...
YesHaveSome   on Jan 10, 2018
replied to Experience with Diamondback Release 5C
I own and ride a Diamondback Release 3.  I definitely had the same concerns that you have about getting the right bike without trying it first.  My only experience with mountain bikes...
This time of year?  Leaves. You're out enjoying the cool autumn weather, riding singletrack in a calm, quiet forest, when suddenly... BBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  That frustrates me way more than it should, to the point...
YesHaveSome   on Dec 1, 2017
replied to trail etiquette
I also use a bell for most rides.  I've got a Timber! mountain bike bell, which has a fantastic switch feature.  I love the quiet and solitude of mountain biking, so if...
A major hurdle for mountain biking at night here in the Chicago suburbs is that all of our trails are located in parks and preserves owned by the city/park district/forest preserve district/etc. All of these locations have hours that are usually dawn to dusk, making night mountain biking not exactly legal.
YesHaveSome   on Oct 30, 2017
replied to Cost
Direct to consumer bike manufacturers can be a good way to go.  You can avoid the mark up from the local bike shop (even though it goes against supporting your LBS unfortunately)...
YesHaveSome   on Oct 10, 2017
added a review of White River Valley

I recently stayed at the Chateau on the Lake resort, and saw that this trail system was just across the...
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