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Minneapolis // Minnesota

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I ride an XL 2018 Cannondale Cujo 2. And I love riding flow tracks, technical terrain, and jumping around.

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This is awesome news. This area is fantastic to spend summers on the lake. Now, this adds another activity to the list. I'm glad investing in natural resources for recreation became a priority like it has.
Nick Golberg   on Sep 4, 2017
updated Elm Creek Park conditions to Good
Nick Golberg   on Aug 6, 2017
added a review of Carver Lake Park

Great park and trails, waterfall along one trail was pretty cool to hear the sound riding by. The trail suits...
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Best you are going to find around. Good range of jumps and tracks. Fun practice and to just hangout at...
Nick Golberg   on Aug 6, 2017
updated Carver Lake Park conditions to Good
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Nick Golberg   on Aug 6, 2017
updated Cottage Grove Bike Park conditions to Good
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