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I have never done any mountain biking, really like to bike, and im not crazy about road bikes.
Virgilio Maldonado   on Aug 1, 2017
replied to advice on bike for beginner
thank you very much for the advice, they all seem similar to me, in terms of parts, are they also similar quality, or is there one that has a better frame and...
Virgilio Maldonado   on Jul 31, 2017
started a topic: advice on bike for beginner
hi, I have been biking on and off, have a Marin bike since around 2006 and I mostly use it on the bike path. I would like to get more into biking and...
Thank you guys for the answers, I will check them out. I was tying to find out if there is a favorite affordable model in the forum.   thank you
Virgilio Maldonado   on Jul 26, 2017
started a topic: Affordable rear hitch mount racks
Hello, im new to this forum and I confess that I did not do a search around before posting, but i wanted to see if anyone can recommend me an affordable rear...
I used to buy from them, can anyone recommend a store. cheers
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