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West Bend // Wisconsin


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I like to ride fun trails. I like long and flowy trails or steep and fast descents that will leave me saying, YAHOOOO I'd say im between intermediate and advanced. I guess it depends. I have never been out west and rode. Grew up in Ohio and rode all the trails there as well as some in West Virginia. But I have yet to see what it would be like to experience Moab or SoCal. Plus I have always rode a hard tail and I love it.

My Bikes

josharp186   on Jun 5, 2017
added a review of Greenbush

Fun trail I thought. I rode on hard tail so was forced to pick my lines wisely. Lots and lots...

This trail is cool for what it is but do I think it is worth being rated on of the...
josharp186   on Apr 9, 2017
added 3 photos.
josharp186   on Apr 9, 2017
added a review of New Fane

I had fun on New Fane. It was a flowy trail in parts. It had 4 loops to it. I...
josharp186   on Apr 9, 2017
added a review of Glacier Blue Hills

Okay, I don't think the trails really deserve 1 star. They are what they are and if you enjoy mountain...
josharp186   on Apr 9, 2017
spec'd a bike: Charge Cooker 4
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