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I believe the top riders are still taking performance enhancers.
And this is true but why does Froome and Wiggins and others get the free pass for doping ? Lance is a mountain biker and is still relevant in the industry. Americans are people who tend to eventually forgive people for wrong doing.
After this current mess with team Sky I think it is time to re instate Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France Wins And this even though I hate what lance did
I guess I’m happy to have Tsali and DuPont and I can leave most of Pisgah for the Experts. Impressive riding by you’all.
Most of that riding looks painful. Trails are for the hardcore folks (or younger peeps) Is any of this rideable for the average person without a 5000$ full suspension bike?
Responsible gun use requires always shooting into some sort of backstop (especially with rifles). This should also be the case when hunting. Don’t take the shot unless you know where the bullet will stop.
Cute mountain biker girl !
Music Where do these youngens find this junky music ? Great riding though.
When a dropper post drops below $100 bucks and will be durable for at least 2 or 3 years I will buy one
Dropper post Too expensive to bother with
I would think that fatigue would be a factor in being able to ride some of the technical descents in a more safe manor. Starting down being dead tired could lead to getting injured. I would say that shuttles are worth there weight in gold!

New flow trails will be opening up soon. Trails are behind the tennis court. Should be best flow trails, pump...
rajflyboy   on Jul 7, 2018
replied to Test riding
Sun N Ski will let you ride every bike in the shop 485 and Providence Road Charlotte NC Or go to the White Water Center and rent the bike and test it    
Santa Cruz definately makes the sexiest bikes of any bike company ????
Jeff Barber I’d like to be you for a day and get to do some of the Epic bike trips and rides you do! Fun fun fun Great stuff
rajflyboy   on Jun 30, 2018
started a topic: Motocross or MTB
https://www.vitalmtb.com/community/sworkdemo8,18975/setup,37214   Is this bike closer to being a motocross bike or is it closer to being a mountain bike?   I say it’s closer to being a motocross bike.   No engine needed for going...
I wonder what that feels like when you are at the top of the loop and you start to fall ?
rajflyboy   on Jun 26, 2018
replied to Gt Ricochet plus sport 27.5+
GT Ricochet is a good bike in its price range.   You can upgrade parts on this bike when you get the money (customize it with parts you want) the only thing you...
No back up riders just in case? Looks like he may have not had enough speed to hold him in the loop upside down. Takes courage to try this. Greg. Maybe you could try it ? He he
Thanks Greg for making this website “Great Again” I enjoyed reading your thoughts on MTB. (Even from your cloudy skies of Colorado)
rajflyboy   on Jun 20, 2018
commented on The Pivot Firebird is Now A 29er
I see a motocross bike minus the engine
They say you CAN’T over fork a bike I tend to agree with this from my experiences
I still say the best trails are the ones you ride every day (Near where you live)
Big Box Store Bike Mongoose  XR Pro 29er  Full Squish from Walmart ($400).   Then I would spend some money on quality fork and a rear shock,  bottom bracket, bar and stem and...
Mr Jeff and Ms Leah with a nice recap of this event. You folks are dedicated mountain bikers.
rajflyboy   on Jun 11, 2018
commented on Watch: Do fat bikes REALLY float?
Seth has a knack for doing videos
Welcome Aboard This is one of the best websites on the internet. It’s updated every day with good stuff covering all subjects pertaining to mountain biking and the industry. Jeff and the staff have done marvelous work here. Follow their lead and write the best articles and keep this place on top.
Ms Maureen Young lady will you respond to the posts about this article. And yes Y’all are welcome back to North Carolina anytime.
Now all the bad neighborhood kids are waiting to see this kids Facebook page with pictures of him at his families favorite vacation spot.... and no one home .......... he he he
Colorado A once great state ruined by progressives and Drugs. I don’t go anymore unless it’s for work. Stick to mountain bikes young lady and not politics.
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