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Move this thing to the east coast And don’t blame it on Trump
Alex The mountain bike Jesus is at it again.
I love the Montague Bikes Great concept if you need a folding bike.
You gotta make up your mind. Do you want to ride alone or not? Very thoughtful interesting article. Thanks for writing this.
Great article. I enjoyed reading this. My question to you is about the local wildlife. Do you take any precautions due to the grizzly bear and mountain lion populations in the area?
How about wildlife st night?
rajflyboy   on Nov 2, 2018
replied to Upgrade Specialized Rockhopper 29er
I think a 1 x upgrade and new tires/ tubeless setup would be a good enough up grade for trail riding around Charlotte.   This is all you need to be happy...
Hard Tails are a good transition ifrom BMX into Mountain Biking.
I guess change is good.
These people have some courage And awesome riders I think I like previous spot better than this one. Why did they move Rampage to the new Hill?
rajflyboy   on Oct 29, 2018
replied to Winter is coming, fat bike research
https://www.walmart.com/ip/Redline-Bikes-Grizz-Trail-Fat-Bike-16-SM-Frame-Blue/846818614 If if you want a cheap way to try a fat bike look at this.  A few upgrades and this really isn’t a bad bike.
MTB I hear you but there is always that 5% of the people that mess it up for the other 75% Let’s find whoever does this stuff and lock them up for a while.
rajflyboy   on Oct 27, 2018
replied to Sedona AZ - Beginner to Intermediate
Get on down the road to Prescott AZ   great trails as well
Sounds like gang banger type people to me. Environmental nut cases would not damage bull dozers or kill cactus plants.
I support the tariffs. America First. It’s time we get fair trade instead of just letting other countries have large trade imbalances with the USA. We need to do something about this and tariffs are a good start.
I say open all MTB trails to E Bikes
Seth makes excellent videos. He is a great rider. He is a little bit crazy to be willing to face plant this often. I hope none of these guys get seriously hurt trying to ride some of this stuff.
Great article but I think it’s more about supply/demand vs cost of materials. Development costs are also a big part of it. More Honda CRF 450’s being sold than full squish Santa Cruz bicycles. The engineering costs are more per unit on the mountain bike. In my opinion Motorcycle racing has more to do with…
rajflyboy   on Oct 13, 2018
replied to USA MTB Trails- October?
Brevard, NC on the East Coast. on the West coast I’d say either Park City Utah or Lake Tahoe.    
I guess North Vancouver has Crime. You would need a big trailer to steal this much equipment. This must have been a well thought out robbery or even an inside job. Hopefully this will not hurt the company that much and they can still prosper this year. 160 full squish bikes. That’s big money right…
rajflyboy   on Sep 28, 2018
replied to Best MTB routes across the US?
Check the history of this website.   Singletracks has done many articles on the best trails across the USA. You have come to the people who should be able to help you out....
Jeff You are getting older but still kicking ass with this website ???? Good wrote up on this Jersey ????
rajflyboy   on Aug 31, 2018
replied to Old Schl BMXR new to MTB
A good rider on a cheap bike is still gonna beat the average rider on an expensive bike.  Hands down. This GT bike is fine and will serve its purpose. Get out and ride...
rajflyboy   on Aug 31, 2018
replied to Old Schl BMXR new to MTB
Looking at the specs this bike is an ok entry level bike.  The components are ok.  Rear shock not so much but you can change that out.   It’s biggest issue is...
I love that first picture (whitewater center) Charlotte, NC Thanks for posting it
Florida is a good mountain bike state. Old Seth has proven that with video after video. Who knew? And 365 days a year riding weather. Awesome.
Best podcast singletracks has had! Mr. Ritchey has a love of the bicycle like no other. Not only as a builder but a great rider as well! I will continue to buy products with his name on them! I truly appreciate what he has brought to the industry over the years.
Money   money   money
Great trails for the locals. Great resource for years to come. Trail builders are doing a wonderful job. Will I travel there to ride ? No.
I believe the top riders are still taking performance enhancers.
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