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rajflyboy   8 hours ago
replied to Mexico riding beta
This trip is Probably not a good idea
rajflyboy   8 hours ago
replied to Mexico riding beta
And why do horse people NOT clean up horse poop left on the trail?
Most e bikes are pedal assist. Not motorized. And if you let one group stop e bikes then what is stopping them from going after any bicycle on the trail systems?
Just people with a lot of money trying to limit access to others while they continue to use the trail systems themselves. I don’t see this case going anywhere. Who will represent the mountain bikers in this case?
So if it’s 90 degrees out and you ride into the woods with plenty of tree cover and then it’s only 85 under the trees?
What the heck is a micro climate?
There is no reason a hardtail mountain bike should cost more than 2000 $ Full suspension 2500$ is the maximum for me.
XC course is far too technical. Leave the technical to the downhill folks. Other than that Snowshoe is an excellent place for something like this.
Awesome Big win for older folks and people who have disabilities and injuries who may not otherwise be able to get on a bike. Also those folks pay tax dollars and they should have use of this land as well
rajflyboy   on Aug 2, 2019
started a topic: Bring Back 90's color to bicycle frames
Too many black and grey bicycles now a days.     Bike companies should look to bring back brighter colors (go back to the 1990's and get some color back in this sport). ...
rajflyboy   on Jul 24, 2019
replied to Roots: Impediment or Feature?
Depends if you ride full squish or hard tail mountain bikes.
Bringing back the 1980’s with the Mullet
We have a few trails that never close. Sometimes I ride these if it has rained for several days and nothing else will be open for a few days.
rajflyboy   on Jun 23, 2019
started a topic: Boost Hub size
This industry has gone nuts with the hub sizing. I thought boost hubs would standardize hub size but no now we have Super Boost hub sizing. This is ludicrous and should not be supported...
Classic Rock baby
rajflyboy   on Jun 14, 2019
replied to Need sunglasses suggestion
Safety glasses from Lowe’s or Home Depot
rajflyboy   on Jun 13, 2019
replied to Sea Otter racism
Well documented.   Please.   Thats total bs.   Stick to mountain bikes and trail access, etc    
rajflyboy   on Jun 13, 2019
replied to Sea Otter racism
So   you disagree with someone’s beliefs and then you resort to just calling them racists but you will not back that up with facts.   Stick to to talking about mountain bikes   I’m just glad weather...
So Don’t ride on trails when they are muddy but f you do ride directly through the mud and make thick tracks through it. Hmmm Ok
rajflyboy   on Apr 19, 2019
replied to Dupont considering entry fees
We already pay the fee.  It’s called state income tax and state sales tax on nearly anything you buy.  
Great stuff from Sea Otter. Thanks for bringing this info to us.
Awesome !!
After reading this I’m very happy to be sitting on the couch! ????
Sweet home Alabama ????
Too many fruits and nuts out there in Northern California.
At a certain price point people will not show up for the race = race may not be feasible to have anymore. The government needs to get out of the way and allow people to easily put on events like this. Environmental impact study? Please.
For the average race $100 dollars is way way too much for an entry fee. A big race like Dirty Kanza it would be worth it.
rajflyboy   on Mar 16, 2019
commented on Mountain Biking Nantahala National Forest
Great article! Nantahala is the best riding in North Carolina. I also agree that Fontana Village is a fine choice for lodging. Load up the bicycle, kayak and motorcycle and enjoy a great time in a beautiful place.
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