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rajflyboy   6 days ago
replied to Dupont considering entry fees
We already pay the fee.  It’s called state income tax and state sales tax on nearly anything you buy.  
Great stuff from Sea Otter. Thanks for bringing this info to us.
After reading this I’m very happy to be sitting on the couch! ????
Sweet home Alabama ????
Too many fruits and nuts out there in Northern California.
At a certain price point people will not show up for the race = race may not be feasible to have anymore. The government needs to get out of the way and allow people to easily put on events like this. Environmental impact study? Please.
For the average race $100 dollars is way way too much for an entry fee. A big race like Dirty Kanza it would be worth it.
rajflyboy   on Mar 16, 2019
commented on Mountain Biking Nantahala National Forest
Great article! Nantahala is the best riding in North Carolina. I also agree that Fontana Village is a fine choice for lodging. Load up the bicycle, kayak and motorcycle and enjoy a great time in a beautiful place.
Seth is Mr No fear now but I actually enjoy his actual bike hack videos more than his riding video’s.
It’s all just to make a YouTube video
Who woke up one day and thought that would be a good line to mountain bike on?
Well written and well thought out article.
Dude Welcome to full time Singletracks.com !! Keep the great articles coming and most importantly go get some more tattoos.
E bikes are here to stay. They help our industry and they help many people to get out and ride. They help people who may otherwise not be able to ride trails without an E bike. E bikes should be allowed to ride anywhere.
Try that on a Hardtail and I might actually be impressed. Those are basically long travel dirtbikes minus an engine. But you folks are still crazy for trying trails like that. You have some cojones. I give you that.
Brevard, NC its closer to millions more people than the places listed out west
Get outside and bike has little to do with hating capitalism (and frankly the peloton stuff is very over priced)
rajflyboy   on Jan 19, 2019
replied to First ride photos of the new year
The Barber Family still rocking it with the best biking website of all time !
For mountain biking indoors I choose this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LW7o7lo03gw X Bike No monthly charges
Peloton also has a monthly fee for using their live streaming. Overall this service ain’t cheap. I’d get the X bike trickster before getting peloton.
The videos really don’t show just how fast the riders are going. These guys make it look easy.
rajflyboy   on Jan 11, 2019
replied to March Trip - Struggling for Ideas
I agree with the others.  Arizona.
Awesome ????
I hope you can find a talented person who loves to ride the bike and who can write about it and grow and market this website even more with SEO skills.
NC, SC, GA   best mountain bike riding in the world
I have been near your location.   Chunchon.  Camp Page (shut down years ago).    Thats cool that you folks have an MTB park now a days.
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Montreal has lots of strip clubs though.
rajflyboy   on Dec 23, 2018
commented on Over a Beer: Passion Leads to Tension
E bikes are awesome ????
Move this thing to the east coast And don’t blame it on Trump
Alex The mountain bike Jesus is at it again.
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