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I too prefer Sram and have been running it, problem free for years. I only wish with Sram is that they would make, say three different 12 spd cassette configurations, 10-42, 10-45-and 10-50. I use the E13 9-46, which works great, but it would be nice if at least Sram offered more. The new Shimano…
E13 makes a XD compatible 11 or 12 speed 9-46 cassette which when combined with a 30t or 32t chainring, which I switch between the 2, give me all the range I ever need. Although I live up in the high mountains(7000') and rides pretty much go up from there, I have no need for…
I believe in most cases, the downhill rider should yield to the uphill rider. Sure, it may be easier for the UH rider to stop, but its sometimes impossible to get going again. The DH rider just has to release his brakes to get going. Also, I've heard the argument " we are ruining the…
Exodux   on Apr 27, 2019
replied to Intense Bikes
You'll be fine with 27.5, I prefer 27.5 over 29ers. All the rides I do, mostly heavy XC/ Trail and enduro, all the people I ride with, ride 29ers, I have no problem...
Exodux   on May 1, 2018
replied to Bike rack question
Hey Jeff, When I designed the "Fork Up" back in 1996 for my company at the time, Hurricane Components, there were not any other options for carrying a thru axle fork. There would...
Exodux   on Feb 16, 2018
commented on a photo
That is an awesome picture. What a beautiful place to ride.
Exodux   on Feb 16, 2018
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That is an awesome picture. What a beautiful place to ride.
Exodux   on Feb 16, 2018
commented on Watch: Cannondale FAT CAAD Bike Review
Why is it so hard to remove the front tire from the Lefty wheel? It is actually easier than any other fork, since you don't have to remove the wheel from the fork. Now taking the wheel off of the fork is slightly more trouble than a thru axle fork, but still not that hard…
Exodux   on Oct 2, 2017
commented on Test Ride Review: Intense Tracer 275C Pro
I haven't ridden the Intense Tracer, but how you described your ride experience, is exactly how I felt when I rode the Turner RFX. Coming from riding and owning a couple of Santa Cruz bikes, which use VVP, similar to Intense, I think that the DW link, which Turner(and others) use is slightly better imo.…
Exodux   on Sep 15, 2017
replied to Mountain Lions
Where I live we have an active black bear and mountain lion population. Although I have never seen a mountain lion, I have had several bear encounters which really weren't that scary. Awhile...
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