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aasnowrider   on Aug 31, 2017
replied to Struggling with fork upgrade decision
good thinking with the upgrade. i felt the exact same way with my rockhopper sport.  thought i was buying something more capable only to find out that i would need to upgrade...
aasnowrider   on Aug 21, 2017
replied to Help me Fork this bike
I agree on your purchase.  I replaced the xcm on a rockhopper last christmas with the recon silver 100mm.  Awesome fork that took about a pound and a half off the weight....
aasnowrider   on Feb 9, 2017
replied to RockShox 30 Gold RL 120 mm
Going with the 120?  Cool, wish i would have as well.  I stuck to the 100.  Please give us reviews!!  Thanks.
aasnowrider   on Feb 3, 2017
replied to Best Eastern USA MTB Descents
Ridgeline in Dupont is a MUST on this list!!  So fast
aasnowrider   on Jan 30, 2017
replied to New fork for my Rockhopper
Endopro: I got my recon from a LBS.  It was actually a trek shop where i get my 10 year old sons bikes. They are just nicer and seem to understand the upgradeitis...
aasnowrider   on Jan 27, 2017
replied to New fork for my Rockhopper
Just did this same thing 3 weeks ago.  I have 2016 rockhopper sport.  Upgraded to Recon silver 100mm for about $220 with labor.  this was a perfect upgrade for this bike.  The...
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