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Renting a bike is often much much easier than taking it with you depending on your needs.
Although too long for most of non-lawyer types (he he), thanks for the well written article. Living just south of the Canadian border, the laws are vastly different. It'd be very informative to compare liability laws in America. Thanks again.
So ya I watched those a bit and ya, it was, ya, pretty cool, ya.
Zoso   on Dec 9, 2018
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Love that Holy Cross.
Zoso   on Oct 28, 2018
replied to Winter is coming, fat bike research
  Some things I've learned if it's any help: For snow primarily: -Racing bike:  Essentially only good at perfectly groomed snow due to geometry and skinnier tires with lesser tread.  Light weight.  Rigid seatpost usually....
Add some Gorilla tape or similar. I've saved many a slashed tire with tape all the way around the rim and tire. For miles. On very rough terrain. At speed.
Zoso   on Jul 15, 2018
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Zoso   on Jul 15, 2018
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Trying to get the rainbow jersey I see.
Nice IMBA propaganda. Pfft.
Zoso   on Jun 3, 2018
answered a question about
Zoso   on May 20, 2018
replied to Creaking bottom bracket.
Chainring bolts? If it's 1x, then grease where the chainring mates with the crank. Try a different crank.  Bonding loose for arm/spindle interface? Any frame cracks around BB?  
Zoso   on May 19, 2018
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Just to clarify, when you said you greased all mating surfaces, does that include literally everything?  I've had creaks from BB spacers rubbing against things.  So if you haven't, grease everything that...
Zoso   on May 8, 2018
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Monosyllabic has five.
Although you do have to exercise a bit a caution while on the blood thinner, a target INR of 1.6-2.0 is actually quite low (meaning your blood is only slightly thinner than...
Zoso   on Apr 13, 2018
commented on Mountain Biking Dixie National Forest in Utah
Most of these are great trails but it's a shame nothing has been done in the area for ~20 years. There's HUGE potential for more trails but the area has stagnated.
Zoso   on Apr 9, 2018
replied to Experience With 1up USA Bike Rack?
North Shore and One Up are the best racks out there. NS pros: solid, easiest to mount bike, can carry any mountain bike including a fat bike, keeps the bikes closest to the...
Zoso   on Apr 9, 2018
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Edit:  NS doesn't take rattle either but I have to carry a wrench and tighten it after a bumpy road. Not gonna come off, just moves a bit that's all.
Zoso   on Apr 2, 2018
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Guessing Mckenzie River Trail.
Zoso   on Mar 17, 2018
replied to Non-negotiables
I won't buy a frame with a press fit BB.  Even if they are reliable it drives me looney that I can't replace it myself.
Zoso   on Mar 14, 2018
replied to MTB Chains
Yes Shimano chains.  But personally, I always had more trouble with the Shimano pins than I ever had with a Sram master link.  Are you doing it wrong?
Zoso   on Mar 9, 2018
commented on When Fat Is Fast: Fatback Corvus Review
Nice to see a light weight race phatty that can actually take some real tires.
Slickrock? Being a Utah local, I cannot vouch for that in the top 50 trails in the world imo. It's interesting, fun, and unique, but there's many that are better--many of which are in Moab btw.
How about telling us when something interesting happened in the vid?  15 min is too long, ain't not one got time fo dat.
Zoso   on Feb 24, 2018
commented on Watch: $59 Walmart Bike vs. $6,500 Mountain Bike
@Jim, @David: no sense of humor aye? I, for one, thought it was quite hilarious. Well done as usual.
Zoso   on Feb 9, 2018
commented on Fox Transfer Dropper Post Review
I've been running this post on my trail bike and the fatty with ZERO problems. 5-100 degrees F, mud, fine dust, etc. Don't waste your $ on the factory version and run the Wolf Tooth remote instead of the Fox.
Way to go Santa Cruz! OK other manufacturers, get on board. Looking at you Ibis.
Thank you for validating what a surprisingly large number of fat riders don't understand: LOW PSI !!! I've had countless peeps tell me my tires are flat and they scoff when I tell them I'm running 1.5-2psi.
Zoso   on Jan 23, 2018
commented on Watch: Taking Chances on the Deadly Portal Trail
@redtailone: Condolences. That's rough. Was it at 1:33 in the video?
I dig that Singletracks covers this kind of stuff. If you haven't tried it, phat biking is a blast. More than any other mtb genre, the fatties are all about goofing off. No goals about miles, heart rate, total vert, whatever. Just plain fun.
Zoso   on Jan 10, 2018
replied to Upgrades to improve bike fit
A bar that narrow will most def NOT help things.  You are assuming he has narrow shoulders because he's 5'9"?? I have the same bike although I'm a bit taller.  I do run...
Zoso   on Jan 6, 2018
replied to Tire Pressure for Fat Bikes in Snow / Cold
Hmmm.  I'll run anywhere between 1.5-4 psi depending on conditions. 1.5-2.5 = very poor traction/adventure fat biking (the best kind imo) 3-4 = groomed/packed trails. For reference, I'm on a fully rigid bike, weigh ~230...
I usually define it simply as "Screwing around on a bike". Good enough for me.
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