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I'm sure the changes are done naively. If my local trails suddenly sprouted rocks that looked as if the trail was dumbed-down, I think I'd move them as well. Sanitizing a trails is a pet peeve of many. Maybe in addition to community education, a sign should be left for a bit a the site…
Shifter cables for sure. They are generally maintenance free but then just blow up eventually. Maybe cause I ignore them? It'd be nice if wireless shifting wasn't so much $$$.
"Obsolete XO1 11-speed..." C'mon! Most of us still run 11 speed and honestly it's enough range.
Thanks that was very MELPFUL.
Instead of "Semantics" can we just use "Glossology"? Sounds catchy me thinks.
Assegai is now available in lighter versions.
Honestly not a fan of podcasts in general; don't have the time. But yours seem to be well done and peeps apparently like them, so have at it.
I voted that SOME trails should be ok to bike. It is a complex issue complicated further by: 1. Most people don't understand the issues. It's not simple and we are talking WSA's as well. 2. For many people outside of the western US, it's not an issue at all as they haven't had trails…
Thanks for the review. Could you comment on how it hikes? Is the cleat recessed enough and does it walk easily without heel lift etc?
Still have the image of my brother pulling a high speed endo, superman-style, right into a thick patch of 6' nettle. Hilarious. That said, interesting article. Thanks.
Just don't be a dick. Simple. If I'm climbing, I'll almost always get out of the way so I don't ruin the stoke for the downhiller. But not always. If I'm in the middle of an interesting techy climb then I'd prefer to be given the right of way. If everyone is generally courteous to…
Those purple bar ends! I had those; takes me back. Thanks for being a great resource!
@Isawtman: STFU
Great pairing Jeff. Pizza next?
Pretty sure the fork will take a 2.8" tire? Run a 2.8 front and 2.6 rear and you'll get what you're asking for imo.
Zoso   on Apr 16, 2019
replied to Hitch bike rack
I'd be surprised if you could put a 2" receiver on that Civic. A 2" will be much more beefy and solid than a 1.25". Wish I could put a 2" on my car. I...
Zoso   on Apr 10, 2019
replied to How do you feel about litter on the trail?
I also unofficially chainsaw some trails every spring.  Have been for 20 years and have only ran into Forest Service once.  They were actually really thankful but did say they never saw...
Zoso   on Apr 1, 2019
replied to How do you feel about litter on the trail?
What seems to escape the minds of many (perhaps those that wouldn't ever intentionally drop garbage) is adding stickers to kiosks/signs/carsonite posts. 2 words people:   THIS IS LITTERING!  NO STICKERS!
If you're a big enough moron to go to Marin to bike, on purpose, then you deserve the treatment you'll receive.
Zoso   on Mar 22, 2019
replied to $150 fine for riding wet trails
Largely makes sense but I can see it being problematic when someone gets out early when it's frozen and has a mechanical/mishap that delays them causing them to stay on the trail...
Zoso   on Mar 10, 2019
replied to What upgrades with $500
Seems everyone has missed the elephant in the room.  You weigh 260# and yer running a 32 fork??!! Spend the $500 and get a real fork.  You'll have a LOT more fun and...
Yup.  It's the common fix.
Zoso   on Mar 6, 2019
replied to Moab vs Bryce / Zion / Sedona
Although maybe not *quite* as good as a few 5-star rides in Moab, the St. George area (only 1.5-2 hours from Vegas) in southern Utah will definitely keep you entertained.  Some would...
Hate to say it but a "Co-op" is about as boring a name as one could possibly invent. Go back to marketing school.
Zoso   on Mar 1, 2019
replied to Mag-7 VS. Whole Enchilada
Mag for me.  It has more climbing.  Who wouldn't want that?   Srsly tho, both are obviously great and both are entertaining.  Mag seems more adventurous and difficult so it gets my vote.
I REALLY hope this was an omission, but did IMBA get involved in this project??!! It being their home town and all...
Zoso   on Feb 21, 2019
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Nice shot! Clouds of Diety.
Zoso   on Feb 17, 2019
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Nom nom nom nom
Good article. A repair stand is a luxury imo. I wrenched my bikes for years without one, usually turning them upside down.
Zoso   on Feb 8, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
Worthy of repeating: "The one trend that truly needs to be reversed...is the accelerating loss of backcountry riding opportunities, especially in Western States where Recommended Wilderness Areas and Wilderness Study Areas are now...
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