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Plusbike Nerd, your knowledge of ebikes is sorely lacking. Call them a motorcycle all you want but they are NOT. A motorcycle doesn't have pedals. Then you say you've seen how motorcycles have torn up the trails and insinuating that ebikes are doing the same. This is a lie, which anyone who has rode an…
Don't ever remember seeing a motorcycle you have to pedal.
I work in the plastics industry and we use a lot of carbon fiber. So I give no argument as to what the raw material cost is for a frame. ( about 100 to 200 dollars) but the molds are some what more costly then some have said and there are different types of molds.…
This is just plain bs. Propagated by the anti-mountain bike people. Please don't print these stories.
The power that these anti-biking activists have in Marin county is way out of wack with the general populace. But the people sitting on boards and in court rooms are beholden to people like the Sierra Club. We all know who does the trail work and when it comes down to it we mountain bikers…
At 50 things were a hell of a lot easier then at 63. I also didn't have cancer at 50. Performance has nothing to do with it, participation does.
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