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Charlotte // North Carolina

Rusnew904   on Feb 20, 2017
added a review of Heartbreak Ridge

Fun trail, I've only accessed it as an out and back after riding Kitsuma. As in ride/walk the singletrack all...
Rusnew904   on Feb 20, 2017
added a review of Daniel Ridge

Easily one of the most beautiful trails in Pisgah and not terribly strenuous compared to the trails surrounding it. Runs...
Rusnew904   on Feb 14, 2017
asked a question about Assault on Pisgah's Pilot
Is the race happening this year? Route looks great
Rusnew904   on Feb 8, 2017
replied to Any gay bikers out there?
Can't speak for everyone but most MTB'ers I know/ride with seem to be pretty open-minded people. We're all out on the trails because we like riding bikes so for me, sexual orientation...
Rusnew904   on Feb 4, 2017
replied to Any Strava users out there?
The biggest one I've seen in my area (Western NC) is the Ridgeline DH Reroute in Dupont State Forest with 5,097 people as of today. Super popular trail and it's tough to...
Rusnew904   on Dec 6, 2016
replied to Help! New Bike Recommendations
Agree with hbelly13. Mason, Honzo, or Fuse would all be great. I just built my girlfriend a Ruze with a paint sample frame. She loves it! Plus tires are great for beginners...
Rusnew904   on Dec 4, 2016
replied to Help! New Bike Recommendations
I live/ride in CLT as well and I think continuing on a hardtail would be a great choice for you. In that price range a hardtail will be lighter and less complicated,...
Rusnew904   on Dec 1, 2016
replied to optimal tubeless psi
I run about 20psi in the front 25rear in most conditions locally (Charlotte NC) in Pisgah I bump it up a couple PSI to protect my rims so maybe 22f 27 rear....
People like to rag on Strava but for me personally it added a lot of fun and motivation when local trails started feeling a bit stale. It is really fun to set...
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