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Can't ride any bike except a mountain bike off road: Jobst Brandt.
$5k Bike $0.50Cent Legs   on Feb 5, 2017
updated Monte Bello / Rancho San Antonio conditions to Poor
Only if you don't ride them, and that's true of all material things that are bought and sit in corners.
$5k Bike $0.50Cent Legs   on Jan 31, 2017
commented on a photo
Thanks! Just my afternoon ride. Lucky me!
$5k Bike $0.50Cent Legs   on Jan 31, 2017
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Headed home.
You're always financing material things with your time, whether you pay now or later.  The better question is: how much of your life do you want to trade working for "x"?  Let's...
The one I didn't ride.  Conversely, the best bike is always the one I'm riding.
If you want surfing, mountain biking and a job, there is not much better than Santa Cruz.  You can surf a world class break year round and ride to world class trails...
$5k Bike $0.50Cent Legs   on Dec 25, 2016
replied to Buying used mountain bikes
You won't be stuck with it, you can always sell it later for about what you paid for it, if you decide to stick with MTB.  More importantly, learn how to work...
Are Motobecane frames made by Giant?  The Hal6 is a good deal.
Those Fezzari bikes look like a pretty sweet deal too.  
With regard to the getting fat part, you will NEVER out ride, out lift, or out exercise a bad diet.  If your body type tends to get fat easily, then you have...
I would try to catch a closeout 2015 or 2016 Scott Genius 740 or 750.  You could probably find one for around $1500.   Would be a good geometry/travel for what you're...
Weather is unpredictable in January in Santa Cruz.  Demo Flow is a big climb in and a big climb out, about 2500 ft climb over 14 miles.  Another trail you may want...
$5k Bike $0.50Cent Legs   on Dec 2, 2016
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Robert Hunter was right when he penned Box of Rain, 'Such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there.' Your experience in this life is short and once it's over, it is forever. This is a very sobering perspective. My primary goal is to be present in every moment.…
The best way to be thankful is to be involved. Many people have sacrificied, lobbied, and volunteered to make mountain biking a reality for all to enjoy. Be a volunteer trail builder, get involved with local government, take a kid mountain biking, donate money,...... find a way to be involved. It's even more fulfilling when…
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