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So stoked to see so many East Coast wishlist destinations. East Coast has so much awesome riding! Also see several Arkansas references. I went to school at U of A a LONG time...
fleetwood   on May 20, 2016
replied to Edit Trail Pictures Order
So I am curious -- what is your trail?
fleetwood   on May 20, 2016
replied to Dropper Posts
Been riding a Reverb for several months now and really liking it.  When I first got it, I kept forgetting I even had it.  I had to program my mind to remember to use it.  I feel like I have it dialed in pretty good now and love getting it out of the way for…
fleetwood   on May 6, 2016
answered a question about Pocahontas State Park
Absolutely! The newish Swift Creek trails have about 7 miles of hand cycle-friendly trails. Come check them out.
fleetwood   on May 6, 2016
added Blueberry Hill
Machine built flow trail rated for beginners but with plenty of whoops, jumps, table tops, berms and flow to keep...
fleetwood   on May 5, 2016
replied to Why Should I Upgrade To Discs
It might depend on where and how you ride, but I'd bet if you rode with disc breaks that you'd find your braking power and control isn't near what it could be. But if you are happy, then keep keepin' on!
fleetwood   on Apr 22, 2016
replied to What bike(s) do you own
2015 Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon C 2012 Santa Cruz Nickel
fleetwood   on Apr 22, 2016
replied to What is your worst crash?
Messed up the ribs a couple of times, but nothing ever broken.  Took a nice digger at Rocky Knob in Boone, NC last week on the PB&J trail.  Didn't feel great at the time.  Nothing but a few scabs and a bruise left to remind me of it at this point.  Need to get back down there…
fleetwood   on Apr 22, 2016
replied to Right of way on hills?
Bike vs. bike I agree with the rule of thumb that the uphill rider has the right of way.  Rule of thumb being the key phrase here as there are a ton of variables. I saw reference to Karma and common sense above, which are way more critical in my opinion.  If I am going…
fleetwood   on Apr 22, 2016
replied to Gloves or No Gloves?
Full finger gloves all the time.  My go to is Fox Digit.
fleetwood   on Apr 22, 2016
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon
fleetwood   on Apr 22, 2016
replied to Helping out a Novice
I'd agree with OFF that a medium in most cases would probably work for you.  I would recommend visiting some bike shops and just sizing things up from what's available.  Ask the bike shops if they know of any demo days scheduled for your area.  I'd recommend test riding as many bikes as possible. Depending…
fleetwood   on Jan 17, 2016
replied to Looking to get a new all mountain bike
Santa Cruz!
During wet periods or freeze-thaw is a good time for trail maintenance. In fact, when it is wet is a great time to address drainage issues. The state park where I ride a lot has miles and miles fire roads, so that's always an option. Or, like CCR noted, higher elevation trails with a rocky…
fleetwood   on Jan 17, 2016
replied to Crank Brothers Pedals
I primarily ride flats but have ridden SPD and the CB Candy. I agree with Jeff that the Candy is easier to get out of, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective.  On the other hand I also found them easier to get into, which is helpful when…

Check out my review at the link below: https://escapingthedrearyconfines.wordpress.com/2015/12/20/north-mountain-trail/
fleetwood   on Jun 14, 2015
added a comment on High Altitude Mountain Biking: Risk and Reward
Last year, a group of us rode from near Durango to Moab. The first day started at about 8,000 feet...
fleetwood   on Apr 30, 2015
added a comment on Five2Ride: Mountain Bike Trails in Virginia
Done, done, done ,done,and done. All great trails for a variety of reasons. And the really great thing is there...
fleetwood   on Apr 18, 2015
added a comment on Review: Rocky Mountain Sherpa 27.5+
Nice. Very interesting rig. Thanks for the review.
Of all the trails mentioned, I am most familiar with Douthat. I too am confused why it was removed as...
fleetwood   on Apr 1, 2014
added a comment on News: Bell Built Finalists Announced
Sorry, Jeff. Richmond Ride Center!
Great write up -- I not only learned about Blackjack, but enjoyed the fat bike perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Warm and durable. Great for cold weather riding. Comfortable. Adjustable waist.

Warm, mock neck, versatility being able to remove sleeves
fleetwood   on Dec 15, 2013
added Endura Singletrack II Trouser
Fully seam-sealed compact 2.5-layer waterproof, breathable fabric •Durable stretch seat panel •Emblazoned with high visibility 360 degree reflective safety chevrons •Zipped ankle with...
Looks like a great time. Cool pics and video. I'm glad you let go of your pre-conceived notions of what...
What an adventure. Thanks for sharing!
fleetwood   on Oct 11, 2013
added 13 photos.
fleetwood   on Oct 11, 2013
added a review of Allegrippis Trails

fleetwood   on Mar 30, 2013
added 5 photos.
fleetwood   on Feb 11, 2013
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