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I ride to race. I love going out and finding the biggest, baddest trails out there and flying down them as quick as I can. I am also unashamedly a tech weenie and Strava weenie
Jacob Briggs   on Sep 29, 2016
added a review of Blue Range

Super tough, super sketchy, super steep. I've only ridden in the snow, watch this space for when I ride it...
Jacob Briggs   on Sep 29, 2016
added Blue Range
The gnarliest, longest DH trail around Canberra. Steep root drops, tight corners, slippery, and high speed.
Jacob Briggs   on Sep 29, 2016
added Bliss Minimalist Glove
The Minimalist Glove certainly lives up to its name. So light that the kitchen scales couldn't recognise them, and they...
Jacob Briggs   on Sep 28, 2016
added 9 photos.
The Bronson getting a wee bit chilly
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