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Garrett Bradford   on May 30, 2017
added a review of Bobcat Ridge

Did valley loop. Looking for a trail to get my gf into mtn bike and this was perfect. Single track...
Garrett Bradford   on Sep 23, 2016
added a review of Walker Ranch

Go left at the trail head (clockwise)... Way more DH.. You carry your bike up the stairs but You get...
Garrett Bradford   on Sep 10, 2016
added a review of Blue Sky

Its rolling hills and a couple technical features if you're a beginner. A great ride but has no shade so...
Garrett Bradford   on Sep 10, 2016
added a review of Indian Summer

Quick fun add on to blue sky. The dirt pack is great and def go clockwise way better downhill but...
Garrett Bradford   on Sep 5, 2016
added a review of Bergen Peak

It's what you want! Steeps that make you work for it you will prob walk up a couple sections and...

Clipins and big suspension/wheels is a must have. It's more of a cross country with minimal downhill sections. If you...
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