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When a fully race prepped MTB is equal to or more expensive than my fully race prepped '15 Cr450 MotoX'r. I would have to say YES, way outta hand.
cliffdog70   on Mar 31, 2017
replied to XC Race Bike
@rk97, I don't know if a purebred XC race bike is any faster, surely not with me in the saddle. So here's the joint as far as I go. I'm an odd...
cliffdog70   on Mar 30, 2017
replied to XC Race Bike
Thanks Fella's, you've given me a lot to think about. I'm going to check out the Honzo AL for sure, I guess a lil' stupidity is necessary every now and then.
cliffdog70   on Mar 29, 2017
replied to XC Race Bike
Yes, the Honzo is a sexy bike, kind of leaning towards Kona. My only worry is....I'm pretty stupid, even at 47, I'll ride a slacked out fun bike like a fool. I...
cliffdog70   on Mar 22, 2017
started a topic: XC Race Bike
I started riding again after 20+ years raising kids and working. I picked up a Hard Rock last year and basically wore it out 2 times already. Now I wanna give XC racing...
In the U.S. a bicycle is nothing more than a "TOY", in some countries/cultures it's more, but in the U.S. it's a "TOY". Don't take yourself too serious whilst playing.
cliffdog70   on Jan 28, 2017
replied to New fork for my Rockhopper
Most bikes do well being "overforked" by 20mm, and you should generally stop there (for geometry and warranty/frame strength reasons). Roughly every 20mm increase in fork length (A2C) will slacken the head tube...
cliffdog70   on Jan 28, 2017
replied to New fork for my Rockhopper
I absolutely despise when someone says "sell it and but a better bike" !! Really? like everyone has the disposable income to run to the LBS and drop 5k on a "Better Rig"..... screw...
cliffdog70   on Jan 28, 2017
replied to New fork for my Rockhopper
I guess I'm a bit of a Luddite when it comes to bikes. Plus, Ima addicted to upgrading junk, A 500 dollar bicycle is like crack to me. I guess I wouldn't recommend my...
Wildlife Prairie Park, Indy ( Independence Park) the Local mtb group P.A.M.B.A. ( Peoria Area Mountain Bike Assoc.) works tirelessly to build and maintain the trail systems in the Peoria and surrounding areas....
Are they "assisted" or do they move on their own by power provided by the battery and electric motor?? "Assisted" would be more easily accepted. If in fact they roll under their...
cliffdog70   on Jul 20, 2016
spec'd a bike: Specialized Hardrock Disc 29
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