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  • When a fully race prepped MTB is equal to or more expensive than my fully race prepped ’15 Cr450 MotoX’r. I would have to say YES, way outta hand.

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    @rk97, I don’t know if a purebred XC race bike is any faster, surely not with me in the saddle. So here’s the joint as far as I go. I’m an odd human probably, but I am a purpose driven human, as in the last 25 years my purpose has been my children. Now that they are all raised and on their own, I need a new purpose. I rode and raced MotoX and BMX back the 70’s and 80’s… loved it, in the late 80’s I joined the Corps(purpose driven decision) and discovered MTB’s on the west coast as a bonus. Man they was the coolest things ever, rode em’ for a few  years then kids, bikes went away because I had a new purpose. Last year to fill the “empty nest” void I picked up a rig and started riding again. At that time the purpose was to get into shape and kill some time. Well, I guess just riding for just for fun doesn’t quite fulfill my internal needs and I have a couple friends that race XC, endurance and that seems very appealing to me. Also with that, I have no brains usually and the “purpose” thing comes back to bite me. The purpose of a slacked out trail bike is to basically get stupid in my mind, then I get hurt, usually pretty bad. Now, the purpose of a purebred XC rig is to race, keep it a bit more under control with the end goal of maybe placing decent. Yes I can purchase race and get hurt on about any bike , but I will ride said bike accordingly, the XC with more reservation, the slack trail rig like a fool. So, as I try to internalize my “end goal”, I was just inquiring here as to the possibilities of XC rigs, as there’s very experienced folks here that give good info. Hopefully this all makes sense, it does to me. Meanwhile the journey continues.


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    Thanks Fella’s, you’ve given me a lot to think about. I’m going to check out the Honzo AL for sure, I guess a lil’ stupidity is necessary every now and then.

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    Yes, the Honzo is a sexy bike, kind of leaning towards Kona. My only worry is….I’m pretty stupid, even at 47, I’ll ride a slacked out fun bike like a fool. I think maybe the XC route was my feeble attempt to keep myself from getting hurt(it takes a long time to heal these days). My thinking, that if I purchased a purpose built XC only rig it would force me to stay tame. I dunno how hard I ride(it’s not that difficult to chew the Altus components on the HardRock up)…strong legs, small lungs & more desire than skill. I bought the HR thinking it was a descent bike(it was in ’88) things have changed a lot. I’m goin to take my time on this, I rushed into the last purchase.

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    Most bikes do well being “overforked” by 20mm, and you should generally stop there (for geometry and warranty/frame strength reasons).

    Roughly every 20mm increase in fork length (A2C) will slacken the head tube angle by 1 degree, lengthen the wheel base (front center, really) by about 7mm, and raise the bottom bracket by about 7mm. The slacker HTA will will be the biggest handling change, slowing steering inputs and providing more stability at speed.

    After you make the change, you’ll probably feel it on the bike for the first 20 minutes of riding, then your brain will readjust, and it’ll feel completely normal. I wouldn’t expect any problems.

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    I guess I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to bikes. Plus, Ima addicted to upgrading junk, A 500 dollar bicycle is like crack to me. I guess I wouldn’t recommend my practices to everyone but, I love riding what everyone considers a “Junker”  with nice bits. It’s just a lot of ppl, on various forums, chastise some for putting sweet pieces on what’s considered unworthy. Nothing Directed at you Crackeman, sometimes I get a lil out of sort.

    in reply to: What's your favorite MTB trail in Illinois? #206286

    Wildlife Prairie Park & Indy ( Independence Park) the Local mtb group P.A.M.B.A. ( Peoria Area Mountain Bike Assoc.) works tirelessly to build and maintain the trail systems in the Peoria and surrounding areas. Wildlife is possibly the best in the State. I believe we have 7 trail systems in the Peoria area alone.

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    I absolutely despise when someone says “sell it and but a better bike” !! Really? like everyone has the disposable income to run to the LBS and drop 5k on a “Better Rig”….. screw that!! the Rockhopper has been around for a zillion years and is staple in the MTB world. The frickin’ Industry has everyone “Brainwashed” that they need the next best bike. Personally I’d keep the Rockhopper and upgrade it like you want, it’s your cash and your bike.

    I personally been riding Hardrocks since maybe ’89, when I was 1st introduced to the magical “mountainbike”  I have thrown filthy money at em’ all and besides being called crazy, I hoon the local trails with the best of em’. Whatever happened to the plain simplicity & innocence of just riding a bicycle? Do what you want to your bicycle man, it has been my experience over the years, it’s always the kid on the “junker” that will destroy your hopes and dreams with a song in his heart & a big friggin’ smile on his face.


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    Are they “assisted” or do they move on their own by power provided by the battery and electric motor?? “Assisted” would be more easily accepted. If in fact they roll under their own power then its no longer a bicycle, it’s either a moped or a motorcycle. I could see “assisted” but otherwise they might as well let me run my MotoX’er  on  the trails as well.

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