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Zach_94   on Apr 3, 2017
replied to Cost vs. Comfort
I don't wear baggies when I ride so a liner wouldn't be an option for me.
Zach_94   on Apr 2, 2017
started a topic: Cost vs. Comfort
Currently my Pearl Izumi Quest shorts are wore out. I am looking to replace them and I want your opinions! I am open to shorts or bib shorts. Dollar for dollar which...
Zach_94   on Dec 1, 2016
started a topic: XC Race in Hickory
I've been looking across the web for races that are relatively close to Hickory, NC. There are many races in NC but most of which are 2-3 hours away from home. In...
Zach_94   on Jun 7, 2016
added a review of Felt 7 Sixty

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