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mojomatty777   on Apr 15, 2017
replied to Vehicle rooftop tents: Yeah! or Meh?
Exploring Arizona over the past few years, and I briefly debated a few options for some of the upstate treks to ride. I haven't ruled it out but opted to buy another...
Well, add me to the statistics above. Had an '04 Wrangler when I first started riding. I'm presently driving an '08 Toyota 4Runner.
mojomatty777   on Mar 26, 2017
replied to Best tires for phx az
I've done a lot of research on tires as well. I wanted something that's fast and grippy for all the different types of terrain in AZ. I was willing to compromise a...
This is a great topic. Of the four bikes I've owned or own presently, I used some combination of either a local bike shop, online or the hybrid model. My first bike was...
Living in Scottsdale over the past 3 years, I'd even suggest the Phoenix Metro area (Arizona State). You also have Northern Arizona up in Flagstaff (Flag and Sedona, and day trip to...
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