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Jeff co-founded with his wife Leah (mudhunny) in 1999. Today he works out of Singletracks World HQ in Decatur, GA as the publisher.

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Jeff Barber   5 hours ago
I often assume (or hope?) that these trail terrorism cases are due to (young) kids doing dumb stuff. I probably did some things like this in the woods behind my house when I was a kid. Good thing I didn't have a public mountain bike trail back there. :) However, there are potentially serious consequences…
Jeff Barber   9 hours ago
added a photo
If your budget is (up to) $5K, there are SO MANY great choices! We need to narrow this down a bit. :) Do you want to do more enduro racing? You say you mostly...
Jeff Barber   1 day ago
My first thought was this was a desperate attempt to shore up a declining GPS business. But props to them for figuring out a way to add value to "regular" bike lights by integrating the GPS data stream.
To some, lycra isn't fashionable. Others are just embarrassed to have their junk on full display--ha! Several years ago I purchased a pair of $200 (lycra!) bib shorts from Pearl Izumi. I still wear them today because they've held up really well. And yes, I cover them with a pair of baggies.
Jeff Barber   2 days ago
replied to #BrutalLoop 3.0 April 29, 2017
And... we're officially sold out! Terrapin on board again as the official beer sponsor so it should be good times. Weather report is looking hot on Saturday so be prepared. Mulberry Gap is planning to have...
Jeff Barber   2 days ago
Jeff Barber   2 days ago
Great questions! The first one is particularly interesting...
Just came across this survey link from Strava: Here's what they say at the beginning of the survey: We've heard a lot of great feedback from our community on how to handle mountain bike...
Jeff Barber   2 days ago
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
rode 25.7 miles at Waterworks / Mason Mill

Evening Ride via Strava
We're planning to do a Facebook Live discussion soon and are looking for questions to answer on air. What do you want to know about Singletracks or mountain biking in general? Of course...
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
added a photo of Vittoria Gato
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
added Gato
Circumferential channels provide cleaning paths for mud and debris Proprietary 4C Graphene enhanced compound (TNT versions) Round profile for even cornering transitions Snow...
Wow, this is definitely a nasty booby trap! Hard to imagine who would do something like this, other than maybe a psychotic serial killer.
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
I saw a guy demoing the Tepui tents at Sea Otter this weekend and I have to say, it looked pretty sweet. Just unfold, and you're all set up!
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
I wondered the same thing. I'm told that with practice, changing a tire doesn't take any extra time with Cush core installed. Not sure how well it works in the real world.
Did it ever seem weird to anyone that mountain bikers sometimes hide their car keys on their vehicle tire back at the trailhead? I don't do this myself because I'm afraid my car...
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
That was a quick decision!
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Jeff Barber   4 days ago
replied to Upgrade Tire Size
Chances are your fork has plenty of clearance for 2.4 and maybe even bigger. Most do. Which Trek are you riding? If you can post a photo of the rear clearance we might...
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
replied to Bike resto projects
Do you do this professionally or just for fun? Would love to see before/after photos!
Those Pearl Izumi shoes look pretty sweet! For the record, I do not want a pair of MTB sandals. :)
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
replied to Gravel Bike?...anyone? anyone?
I've ridden the Niner RLT and it's a fun bike. If I didn't own a road bike, I would consider getting a gravel bike and riding it on and off road. Way cooler...
If you're planning to rebuild the wheels yourself, then maybe swapping rims would make sense, especially if you have nice hubs that are worth saving. But if I understand your choices correctly ($250 for...
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
replied to Bike tie-downs?
A friend of mine has one of those Dakine pads (similar to the Yakima one you posted) and it actually has tiedowns built in to hook over the frame for added protection....
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Jeff Barber   1 week ago
replied to Pisgah tires rotation
The Forte Pisgah tires obviously aren't designed for high performance, but that's interesting that you found they work better "backward." Just a couple nights ago I washed out my front tire due to (currently) dry...
Without knowing you or how you ride, it's tough to say whether a 30 or 28 will work better. For most riders running 1x11, a 32T chainring is just fine so if you want something a little easier, the 30T could be a good choice.
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
rode 9.6 miles at Fort Ord Public Lands

Cheater ride via Strava
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