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Jeff co-founded with his wife Leah (mudhunny) in 1999. Today he works out of Singletracks World HQ in Decatur, GA as the publisher.

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Another funny note: the tagline they use, "Ride Smarter, Go Farther" is just a riff on the more familiar saying, "Work smarter, not harder." Again, they are clearly just marketing this option...
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Right, it sounds like a big part of this was the fact that these guys filmed and photographed their misdeeds and not only shared them, but shared them commercially. By making an example...
GrindTV recently posted an update about a group of guys who received 7 days of jail time for trespassing in Yellowstone National Park and, among other things, riding a bike in a wilderness...
Buys Lives Call for Faster Bikes... that was literally the subject line in an email from Specialized talking about their Levo eMTBs. I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that. I...
Jeff Barber   5 hours ago
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Jeff Barber   6 hours ago
Axle widths are the same for 27.5+ and 29er, though obviously not from bike to bike. So if your bike is Boost, just make sure you pick up a set of 29er Boost wheels. How much vertical clearance do you have on your fork and rear triangle? That's really the limiting factor as 29er wheels…
I love the idea of mud guards but haven't had much luck making them work on either of my mountain bikes. I got a set of guards in for review (honestly, I don't remember...
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Great tip, I'll have to try that! Do you have any photos?
Jeff Barber   6 hours ago
replied to 'Roundish' chainring, anyone?
I can search peoples reviews but most were just short term opinions You mean like this one I wrote? :) The reason many of these reviews might be short term is because the reviewers, myself included,...
Jeff Barber   6 hours ago
replied to Keeping my Bike Clean in Winter
Some riders, particularly racers, spray down their (clean) frame with cooking oil before a muddy ride. WD-40 makes me a little nervous around bike parts, and cooking spray just seems a little...
Jeff Barber   10 hours ago
Coming soon!
Jeff Barber   3 days ago
replied to 1x11 or 2x10 preference
To each, his or her own when it comes to drivetrains. We all have different abilities and objectives when it comes to mountain biking, so there's little basis in saying 1x is only popular due...
Correct. As stated in the article, the price listed for each tire is the price of the least expensive "flavor" of that particular tire.
Good catch, it does look like the tire fits a Bluto!
Yep, jumps can cause a chain to drop. But with a 2X drivetrain, the front derailleur often does a decent job keeping the chain on. Sounds like you might need something like this jimmy...
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
Clearly saddle comfort ratings vary from rider to rider, and we've asked people in the past which mountain bike saddle they think is the "best." But I'm curious to know if there are...
Jeff Barber   4 days ago
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Jeff Barber   5 days ago
added a photo of Lezyne Mini GPS
Jeff Barber   5 days ago
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Bluetooth, 29g, 10 hours battery life.
Good idea. Check out this brief article from 2009 which includes a pretty nifty illustration. Note: all-mountain = enduro (the term enduro wasn't in use back in 2009.) Would be interesting to update this article with a better illustration and more of a discussion on suspension travel and geometry.
Vines are the worst, even without bar ends.
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Whenever I find something on the trail, I try to put it somewhere visible like at a trailhead kiosk or on a fence post. Just a few weeks ago my daughter found a pair...
I was just complaining about wide bars just last night. :) Currently testing a Niner Jet 9 with 780mm bars. Like irudkin said, it's a hassle getting the bike into my shed and riding...
Jeff Barber   5 days ago
Huh. So if you ripped your rear mech off on a trail, they would pay the cost to replace it? Or, is there a deductible of some kind?
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Jeff Barber   6 days ago
Aaron reviewed the Fuji Bighorn and Fuji Rakan just a few months ago: But I agree, Fuji bikes don't get nearly the coverage of other brands. Here are a couple more, slightly older items Fuji items:
Wow, the insurance costs 12% of the value of the bike? That means you need to have you bike stolen at least once every 8 years to make it worthwhile. :)
Good point: rechargeable batteries from any company, and in any device, can cause a fire.
That treehouse near Chattanooga looks rad, but $245 a night seems really steep. I didn't see a photo of the bathroom or kitchenette which makes me a little concerned... Those Whistler and Tahoe places are ridiculous!
Nice! How common are fat bikes on those trails?
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Well after seeing you out there riding your bikes in snow, I wouldn't be surprised if those other mountain bikers bought fat bikes so they can join you next time. :)
 theft isn’t covered unless its in your possession So what is the main purpose for your insurance--theft or does it also cover repairs? What if your bike falls off the car rack on the way to...
Jeff Barber   6 days ago
replied to Tubeless
Well if it's holding air, that's a good sign! All is not lost just b/c sealant is leaking out of the rim weld. That just means you need to do a better tape...
Jeff Barber   6 days ago
replied to Tubeless
Are the Wolverines you're using a tubeless-ready version? Are the rims made for tubeless? One of the things that makes tubeless-ready tires and rims special is the bead hook on the rim, and the...
Jeff Barber   6 days ago
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
started a topic: Anyone ever order from Tree Fort Bikes?
We recently added Tree Fort Bikes to the comparison shopping tool on Singletracks, but I personally haven't ordered from them myself. Has anyone ordered from Tree Fort Bikes before, and if so, how...
Sounds rad, thanks for the recommendation!
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
replied to I'm sick of that borealis ad
Don't worry DanK_NoCo, the race is coming up soon so we won't be seeing the ad much longer. :)
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I'm actually surprised to hear so many folks follow pro MTB racing. Obviously other sites are doing a good job covering this stuff already, so I guess the question is, would people would be...
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
replied to Photos submitted on Homepage
All photos submitted to singletracks are considered for photo of the day by our editors. Each photo submission is also added to the homepage before our editors even see it, but in a limited test run....
Jeff Barber   1 week ago
replied to looking for trip inspiration
I second Utah and will add Colorado to the list. You can easily ride 10-15 days, hitting a different world-class trail each day in either state, or both states! Are you looking to set...
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