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Louisville // Kentucky

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About Me

Started getting interested in MTB in 2015, after a trip to the Louisville Mega Caverns. I bought an inexpensive bike and as of February 2016 i started on trails. I've always liked to hike so MTB is up my ally.

My Bikes

ChristopherTims   on Nov 11, 2016
added a review of Waverly Park

Clinic Loop together with Twists and Bends took me about 2 hours. I took it slow and enjoyed myself thoroughly....
ChristopherTims   on Feb 9, 2016
added 2 photos.
Hike Bike Trail Map
ChristopherTims   on Feb 9, 2016
added a review of Huffy Bantam

Great, affordable, bike for a tall person. I am 6'7" and was able to adjust the seat to my height...
ChristopherTims   on Feb 8, 2016
created a My Trails

Had a great time there with my cousin. Bring your own bike and helmet and its $25 per person for...
ChristopherTims   on Feb 7, 2016
added a review of Bike Hike Trail

Great trail for a beginner or if you want to bring your kid riding with you. Would do it again....
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