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Nice roundup! I have to give a shoutout to the Specialized 2Fo Flat 1.0. I went to these from some FiveTens and I was blown away. Phenomenal grip, in fact I found myself twisting my foot subconsciously as I dismounted from my bike (my feet thought they clipped in, I suppose). They are also super…
Great article, Matt. I really liked the recent podcast with James Wilson. I've been logging a lot of hours on the trainer the past 3 months. I'm going to take a break from that and focus on practicing skills (trackstands, manuals) and strength training. Does anyone have any tips on how long to rotate other…
Great article! I want to visit the Alps, but now I know what to expect.
But, it is good to see that you all investigated the status of Tantrum cycles. Thank you. I remember hearing about this Missing Link a couple of years ago, and was wondering what happened to them. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like much happened.
This is a bit disappointing that the climbing wasn't tested much. Especially since this suspension link is supposed to be about making climbing super efficient. "Left me impressed," "Feels different," "Kinda did [ride like a hardtail]." Come on!
I love the Urban Wilderness. Knoxville has the potential to bust into an awesome East TN MTB town. Can't wait to hit these new trails.
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