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Too much fuss about lumens. I just want to extend riding hours into evenings, I certainly don't need a KOM at night. I find that some not-so-expensive NiteRider models, like a 300-550 lumen model is just fine. I use 2 lights (bar and helmet) and rarely turn them up to the brightest setting, So really,…
KJAustin   on Apr 27, 2018
updated Walnut Creek Trails conditions to Good
KJAustin   on Jul 7, 2017
updated Bangtail Divide conditions to Good
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KJAustin   on Jul 7, 2017
updated Emerald Lake conditions to Poor
I'm going to be the contrarian here. I grew up in Montana, so I'm not some city slicker, although I live in one now... Regardless, there can be some drawbacks to additional human activity in wilderness on wildlife, etc. I believe the majority of bikers would be respectful, but we've all experienced the disrespectful few…
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