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Live 20 minutes away from Santos trailhead. I enjoy all the red trails that keep you engaged.
Scott T. Cramer   on Jun 24, 2017
updated Markham Park conditions to Good
Scott T. Cramer   on Nov 7, 2015
added a review of Top Gear Bicycles

Great place for all your cycling needs. Hometown service, great repair work and good prices. It means something when they...

Direction to this trail within this app actually take you to a different park that connects to the Cadillac trails...
Scott T. Cramer   on Nov 1, 2015
updated Scott Springs Park Trail
to Leaf-covered.

Trail is getting better as it gets more packed. They have added improvements to some of the corners to help...
Scott T. Cramer   on Oct 23, 2015
created a My Trails
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