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Not quite the same caliber, but I beat the life out of a 1994-era Mongoose IBOC Comp with a bonded aluminum frame (front triangle was bonded, rear Mongoose loop-tail was welded). Whatever epoxy they used for that frame held up fine. I still have the frame in my basement and could build it up tomorrow…

I'll give River Highlands some love. I rode here yesterday after work just to check out something different. My son...
Dclabonte   on Mar 28, 2017
commented on 6 Reasons to Downgrade Your Mountain Bike
Good article. Another good point is the trickle-down effect. The Deore components today are most likely equal to, if not better, than the XT of 5 +/- years ago. Especially on an older bike, us weekend warrior "mortal" are not going to be able to notice a 10-gram difference from one component to another. My…
Dclabonte   on Jan 20, 2017
replied to 1x11 or 2x10 preference
I haven't tried a 1x setup yet and worry that I wouldn't have the lungs or legs for it with our short, punchy New England climbs, but I recently bought a new...
^^^ "too XC to have the correct broittude". Dammit, bruhs don't make those stupid mistakes!
Bruhs only ride 27.5s - which are NOT called 650b. 650b is a roadie term and not in the brocabulary. Also, no matter how old the flannel is, no bro would be caught dead on an ancient 26er (see new bike / upgrades above), and 29ers are too short-travel / too SC to have the…
Cool article. At first glance, I thought this was the same frame that I have sitting in my basement. My first mountain bike was a fully rigid GT Pantera AL, but I only had it for a few months before I happened across a 1994 Mongoose IBOC Comp with the bonded aluminum frame and state-of-the-art…
Dclabonte   on Jul 19, 2016
commented on Fezzari Timp Peak Trail Bike Review
The bike looks amazing, the trails equally so. You have to love the variety of East Coast singletrack (the trails in the video look just like what we ride up here in New England), with a mixture of rocks, roots, flowy sections, water crossings... I picked up an Alta Peak this past spring and love…
Dclabonte   on Jun 27, 2016
added a review of Rockland Preserve

One of my favorite go-to local trails to hit with a couple of friends from work.
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