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Is it an early Stance? They had problems with them through early 2015, end of 2015 they made a change to the manufacture of the triangle. A Stance should handle most of...
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Alvin Mullen   1 day ago
replied to New SRAM Dub BB thoughts
I cannot not tell you what the difference is (other than the obvious diameter), or why you should or should not use one or the other. But I can tell you the...
what model Giant?
Alvin Mullen   1 week ago
replied to Upgrades to improve bike fit
Sliding the seat forward on the rails and these bars along with the short stem should help. They are a little narrower, 700mm vs the stock 740mm and with a 40mm rise vs...
I converted my 3x9 with an 11-36 cassette to a 1x9 because I almost never used anything but the 30t middle ring. I changed it to a 1x9 with a 32t oval...
I use Amazon, Jenson, and Chain Reaction. In that order. If I can't find it there at good prices, I may try anyone.
Alvin Mullen   1 week ago
replied to Identify Bike Rack...
I just use two generic moving pads when I carry bikes that way.
Alvin Mullen   2 weeks ago
replied to Mountain Biking Goals in 2018
My only mountain biking goal this year, other than to ride and have fun, is to learn to get a little air. Now I realize I am getting a bit old for...
Alvin Mullen   3 weeks ago
replied to mountain biking in Florida
New? not sure what is new, but trails I like: NE Florida, Mala Compra, Hannah Park, Fort Clinch state park, Graham Swamp. SE Florida, Markham Park, Virginia Key, Amelia Earhart. E Central, Mount Dora (short but...
Alvin Mullen   3 weeks ago
replied to Full size rider advice
I would say go with a steel frame rigid bike to start with. Cheap suspension isn't going to be good for that weight. But shouldn't really need any suspension on paved or...
I've seen those kind, I meant the braced protectors (and I don't really care about the plastic part, just the braced bar end), like this, but I only find them in sizes...
I have been very happy with my Shimano saints on my Giant Stance, but on my new bike I went with Raceface Chesters.
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 21, 2017
replied to New Rider - Protection Questions
All three brands are very good.  My only problem with the G30/G-form style pads are their design tends to have less venting than hard pads. Living and riding in the heat of...
Great Place only two hours from me, I go there several times a year. For anyone in the area and interested, Ninja Mountain Bike Performance will have classes there Feb 3rd and 4th, and the dates for the annual fat tire festival put on by OMBA are March 9th thru 11th.
They already voted!!!
Yeah, GAB is an alternative social media, based out of Texas, that refuses to censor anything. And they are upset that their domain provider, who is private company not government a entity,...
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On my dirtbikes for woods riding, I always had these on.    I wonder if anyone has considered a lighter weight version of these for mountain bikes?
For anyone in central Florida, or close by, that wants to support groups that are not affiliated with IMBA, there is SWAMP in the Tampa area, and OMBA in the Ocala area.
My current trail bike has 680mm riser bars, I switched from 720mm flat bars. I really don't care for real wide bars, but I did ride a Salsa with 760mm bars I...
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Alvin Mullen   on Dec 12, 2017
replied to better upgrade: fork or dropper?
Okay, what is your budget, are you sure we can't help you find both in a price range you can live with? I know you can get a KS Eten 100mm dropper...
John, I am defending the process of analytical thinking, and not jumping to conclusions with one-sided, emotional rhetoric.  As far as saying that IMBA supported the first bill, my mistake, I am...
Here is the actual wording of the bill.   "Section 4(c) of the Wilderness Act (16 U.S.C. 1133(c)) is amended by adding at the end the following: “Nothing in this section shall prohibit the use...
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It is not clear, it is in fact hopelessly ambiguous, and it will mean whatever the courts decide it means after years of court cases. But as written, the wording does not...
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 11, 2017
replied to Bike Rack
Ha, sorry, I was reading a post asking about a shop maintenance rack, and posted here by mistake..  
Did anyone here read the letter? Or see where they opposed the house bill but said they still supported the Senate bill, which is the STC bill?  
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Alvin Mullen   on Dec 10, 2017
replied to Full Suspension Frame
Pinkbike sale area is a good place to look ..  
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 10, 2017
replied to Bike Rack
I got this one, $56 and it works fine. A better one would be nice but, I'm happy with this one, gets the job done.
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 10, 2017
replied to IMBA and the Wilderness
Please do some research, read about both sides of the story, and make an informed decision about who you do and do not want to support. Don't make if some knee jerk...
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 8, 2017
replied to IMBA and the Wilderness
Not sure I agree, but I think I understand their position. Historically when Republicans have been in control they open lands without really studying and making sure the impact will not cause...
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 8, 2017
replied to Mountain Unicycling
I use to ride unicycles, but not off road. Looks like fun, but not sure I could do it. That and you are talking $200 for a cheap one, $850 for a...
Fat biking can be a lot of fun. I checked Pinkbike and found this
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That is a good price range, I feel that from Giant, Speicalized, Trek, and most the major brands the $2k to $3k range is the point where you can get the most...
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 6, 2017
added Santos Fat Tire Festival
The Santos Fat Tire Bike Expo is the largest collection of bicycle manufacturers and bike shops in Florida and the...
Other than my job interfering with my riding time, not much. I keep one bag with enough gear to ride, and a medium tool box ready in the garage by the bike,...
Too much, apparently.  for years I didn't ride a lot and refused to spend more than about $250. I only used the mountain bike for occasional training and spent most of my...
there are a few choices, Fox Alpinestars six six one lots more!?currentPage=0&itemsPerPage=24   I have the Six Six One, I only use occasionally, left over from my motocross days.      
Looks like I am set to go. My new 160mm FS bike is coming with Minion DHFs, my current trail bike has Ardents, and my wife's comfort bike, because she rides a lot of dirt and gravel two track and multi use trails, we put a Nobby Nic on the front.
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 2, 2017
replied to Giant Stance 1 vs. Trance 3
I personally think the Trance 3 Neon Green and the Trance 2 Neon Red both look better than the Stance blue. (I have the 2015 dark blue Stance). And the Neon Red...
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OK, I got with Mike and ordered a medium Evil Insurgent in Slime Green.
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