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You should try to demo the Bronson to make sure you are comfortable with the 27.5 tires, I actually prefer them. Had that been the price points when I bought my Evil, I...
I too came from a Hare Scrambles back ground, and I would say, depending on your riding style it could be any of those. I would say the Nomad is a little...
Alvin Mullen   5 days ago
replied to Stumpjumper evo alloy 2019
Strangely the head angle difference between the regular Stumpy and the EVO seems to be a bit much. From 66 degrees to 63, is a quite a bit of difference. But I...
Alvin Mullen   6 days ago
replied to Hard decision ahead???
As a counter point, I live in Florida, we have technical, but there are no long down hills. I only ride my old bike, with less than 150mm, on hard pack and...
Alvin Mullen   1 week ago
replied to Hard decision ahead???
For ease on joints, I find a FS with 140mm minimum helps a lot. At 62, I now ride an FS even on pavement. Trek Remedy 8 is a great bike. So...
Let see, I have a full carbon, 27.5 FS with internal routed cables, hydraulic brakes, hydraulic dropper, and 1x12 gearing. The only trend I would like to see reversed is where everyone...
and today the front page has reviews for long MTB pants.
Generally new FS bikes under a minimum of $1500 have crappy shocks, and usually frame designs not worth upgrading the shocks anyway. As far as the two HTs, even for beginner they are...
I did Sat and Sun at Alafia, the new Stardust trail is interesting. It starts with a healthy climb and then, narrow, tight turns, around steep drop offs. Not my video, but this...
the Raleigh head angle is a bit steep, the Vitus and Ghost are more aggressive. Of the three I like the Vitus best. But you might also look at the Nukeproof Scout,...
Alvin Mullen   on Jan 18, 2019
replied to First ride photos of the new year
Wife's bike on beach multi-use trail at Mala Compra.
I go almost every year, but I don't camp.  The trails and vendor areas are open to the public. It is only a two hour drive for me so some years I just...
With the money you saved, you might want to invest in a full face helmet?  
Alvin Mullen   on Jan 7, 2019
replied to March Trip - Struggling for Ideas
As far as Florida goes, Alafia river state park, FL has camping and is the second best bike park in Florida, although with some of the improvements in the last year or...
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From the shape of the frame I would say an older Overdrive.. 2016 maybe?
I have two bikes with dropper posts, one a year old that came on the bike I bought a year ago, and have had no problems. This is the bike I ride...
The only two destinations I have planned are Mulberry Gap, Elijay GA and one of the downhill parks in NC, Bailey, Beech or Sugar to try downhill for the first time. Of course I...
I generally wear a large in most clothes, but in biking clothes I usually go a size up, road bike clothes sometimes two sizes.
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 22, 2018
replied to First Full Suspension Bike
A lot of people will say you can have too much suspension, or anything over a certain amount is a waste. Unless you are racing, I do not subscribe to that theory....
florida, Santos - Ocala FL,  Alafia river state park and Balm Boyette scrub (only 5 miles apart, and Loyce Harpe Park is also close) - Lithia FL , Markham park - Weston...
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 13, 2018
replied to FS bike weight - today's standards
My Evil Insurgent with 150mm dropper, 2.4in tires, light weight aluminum rims, still running tubes, and with a small frame attached tool kit, weighs 32.8lbs. Not carrying the tools would save about...
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 12, 2018
replied to Replacement for WTB WeirWolf
I only have experience with a couple types of Schwalbe tires (Rocket Rons and Nobby Nics) and a couple of types of Maxxis (Ardent and Minion). Of those I have used I...
Alvin Mullen   on Dec 8, 2018
replied to Beginner bike?
While you don't need a expensive bike to ride and have fun you need to remember Seth, Phil, and even Alex from single track sampler, are WAY above average riders and can...
Alvin Mullen   on Nov 20, 2018
replied to New clothes
I have good mountain bike baggie shorts and zip up wick dry bike shirts for when I ride several days in a row on a trip, but often I just wear light...
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I switched to photo-chromatic glasses years ago and would not go back. The newest ones will even darken in a car with a tinted polarized windshield.
Alvin Mullen   on Nov 15, 2018
replied to New bike
Great price on that Diamond Back... it is a single pivot suspension, so it may not be a great climber, but should be a very good overall bike to start with.
Alvin Mullen   on Nov 14, 2018
replied to New bike
About the only decent FS bike under $2000 is the Giant Stance. Fair bike, medium quality components, easily will handle up to intermediate trails. I have one, it was my first FS...
Alvin Mullen   on Nov 9, 2018
replied to Manual Machine?
I built one, but have not had time to even try to use it yet. Actually I am trying to modify it so it folds up and I can bring it with...
Alvin Mullen   on Nov 3, 2018
replied to Brake Bleeding Kit
It is a little expensive but this kit has the adapters for almost every brand of brakes, including Bengal (Helix).  Amazon Link
Alvin Mullen   on Oct 31, 2018
replied to Disc Brake clean up and bleed
Park tools and GMBN have good videos on all kinds of how toos.  
Alvin Mullen   on Oct 23, 2018
replied to Should I wear a helmet for biking?
And I have worn a helmet when climbing to the tree in my back yard to trim branches.
Sounds like a good idea, I planned on doing it, but so far I am able to run the pressure I like with tubes (20psi rear 25psi front), and I rarely get...
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