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Alvin Mullen   3 days ago
replied to First serious bike
Not a lot of difference, but not that important either, as a good set of riser bars and/or different stem to adjust the position to suit your personal preference is not that...
Alvin Mullen   4 days ago
replied to First serious bike
While the Trance is a lot of bike, it works well on all terrain, but the Anthem is also a good all around bike. I like technical trails, riding over rocks and logs, so...
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Worked at Mala Compra yesterday, others had been there for two days. Front half rideable now. Same group supposed to be cleaning at Graham Swamp today. I had to work. No trails...
Alvin Mullen   4 days ago
replied to Mountain Lions
Mountain lions usually attack from behind and above. And they rarely attack anything looking at them. So paint eyes on the back of your helmet.
Alvin Mullen   2 weeks ago
replied to First Bike
OK, I will.   I started with the base level Stance for $1300, over two years have done about $600 in mods, and really like the bike. I have demoed a bunch...
Alvin Mullen   2 weeks ago
replied to Enduro bikes under 3000!
Plus One on the Giant Reign. Test rode one last fall, loved it. Just don't need an Enduro bike here in Florida.
Alvin Mullen   3 weeks ago
replied to Yt industries Jeffsey al one
I looked at it, specs look great, good price, and I have seen a couple of good reviews. I would love to demo one, but YT did not attend either of the...
Alvin Mullen   3 weeks ago
replied to Full suspension MTB for 2500$
Wow, some sweet deals there.
Definitely a depends on the conditions situation. I don't ride any real downhill, but what downs I do ride, I use more back than front, but tend to try to feel and...
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Alvin Mullen   3 weeks ago
replied to 2017 Santa Cruze Bronson r1x
I demoed the Bronson, the Giant Trance advance, and the Salsa Redpoint.. I liked the Trance best but all three were great bikes.
Alvin Mullen   3 weeks ago
replied to Full suspension MTB for 2500$
Look for a 2017 Giant Trance 2, they list for $2700. You should  be able to find a leftover one for $2500 or less.  IMHO for the price point it is the best...
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Alvin Mullen   3 weeks ago
replied to Giant Stance 2 (2018) worth it?
I have a 2015 Stance and I did a couple of mods, and added a dropper post. It is a great bike for the price, and even when I finally get a...
Alvin Mullen   on Jul 26, 2017
replied to Oval Chainrings opinions?
I have an Absolute Black oval and like it, but you do realize there are four or five slightly different off set degrees between the different manufacturers than can make them feel...
Alvin Mullen   on Jun 29, 2017
replied to First Mountain Bike Selection Help
The Stumpjumper is a good bike, also check out the Giant Trance, Santa Cruz Bronson, and the Salsa Redpoint. I have demoed all four, and a bunch more in the last year...
Alvin Mullen   on Jun 23, 2017
replied to Need some Advice on Beater FS Mtb
To start with I would tear it down, check and re-grease all the bearings, but I wouldn't pay a shop to do it. After that, it is a nice bike, but old,...
Alvin Mullen   on Jun 22, 2017
replied to 120 psi with 20% sag...more like 50%
This is the 150mm fork, correct?   Is there another Giant dealer anywhere near you to see what they say?
I have test rode the Bronson and 5010 this last year, and a different Niner, of the three I liked the Bronson best, and bikes I liked better than the Bronson were Giant...
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very seldom.
Alvin Mullen   on Jun 19, 2017
replied to Finally pulled the trigger
Go by static sag... I suggest starting with 20% on the fork and 30% on the shock.
Alvin Mullen   on Jun 7, 2017
replied to Budget 27.2 (Cable) Dropper Post???
I have a KS Eten, only 100mm drop and a little slow coming back up, but I weigh 200lbs and have been using it for almost a year no problems. Jenson has...
I actually wear these riding sometimes, mostly for ankle protection, but they have good traction hiking.
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What ever is left from the previous year after new bikes arrive are often available for good prices.  when new bikes show up seems to vary from year to year and brand...
Either a Giant Reign Advanced, or a Foes mixer enduro. Of course, as has been said, if money was truly no object, one bike would not be enough.
Alvin Mullen   on Jun 2, 2017
replied to Rider weight to travel
Oh that is awesome, now I want a bike with an X2.
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Alvin Mullen   on Jun 2, 2017
replied to Favorite pre- bike ride food
For longer rides I eat a small bowl of raisin nut bran, and carry nutragrain bars with me.
Alvin Mullen   on Jun 2, 2017
replied to Rider weight to travel
So you have the shock air pressure set to 220psi, with sag about 25%, and you still use 100% of travel?  Have you adjusted by this   Still I am a little confused as...
Alvin Mullen   on May 30, 2017
replied to Full Suspension Advice ($2,500)
I have to disagree, go with the amount of suspension you will need when you need it. When you don't need it because of the trails you are riding, then adjust it!!!!   I...
Alvin Mullen   on May 24, 2017
replied to Best shoes for platform pedals
A lot of people like five-tens, but I think they are too expensive.  I use Sketcher Vigor 2.0. I find them for around $45 or less a pair.  different colors are...
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Alvin Mullen   on May 24, 2017
replied to Best shoes for platform pedals
I did go with lock laces on my Sketchers too... But to be fair, I'll bet no one using five tens has tried the Sketchers..  I use them with Shimano Saint flats.....
Alvin Mullen   on May 24, 2017
replied to Evil Demo in Georgia!!!
address?, link?, date and time????
Giant Stance
I have not ridden the pony, but I rode the Redpoint (seems similar but non +) and liked it a lot.  I did ride the 27.5+ Cannondale Bad Habit and it was very...
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Alvin Mullen   on May 19, 2017
replied to Types of Bash Guards
I had planned on using a ICGS05 tabs style guard, but my bike is not compatible,, so I went with a bash ring
Alvin Mullen   on May 18, 2017
replied to Affordable kids' mountain bikes
Trek Precaliber 24 is $329 and precaliber 16 is $229
Budget I would say, Motobecane fantom29 comp for $799 and the Fuji Carbon SLM 27.5 for $1499 @ bikesdirect are great deals.
Alvin Mullen   on May 17, 2017
replied to Tire advice
I have Ardents, good tire, OK on pavement. I only run about 15 to 20% on pavement. For Maxis the Ravarger or the Ikon are probably better for pavement and still decent...
Alvin Mullen   on May 15, 2017
replied to Tips for preventing leg cramps
note on the vitamin D,,, you really need it!!!!! without proper vitamin D levels your body will not process testosterone.  And of course if you are not processing T properly it causes...
rinse when needed, wash never. I clean and lube moving parts regularly, and clean any area I am working on before hand, but I never wash the whole bike.
 "So we know for sure he was coerced into riding? We know for sure it wasn’t a free and voluntary choice?"   Using fractured axioms is not a valid argument.  If the course managers cut...
Alvin Mullen   on May 9, 2017
replied to Newbie Recommendation: Plus HT or FS
I say have her try a plus FS bike, the Cannondale Bad Habit is very fun to ride, great for beginner to intermediate trails. I'm not a plus tire guy, but I...
Alvin Mullen   on May 8, 2017
replied to Dropper Posts
I ride in Florida, mostly flat, but I ride more technical trails. Before the dropper post, I was thrown over the bars several times while negotiating logs and rocks. And I use...
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Alvin Mullen   on May 8, 2017
replied to Harsh high speed bumps
On my Giant I run 20% sag front and 30% rear.. That seems to be about the best for me. But until you have a high end fork or shock level with separate...
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