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Love the workout and the solitude of the outside!

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I think I met that guy at an intersection yesterday, ya know, in right turn lane, trying to go straight.
asasailor1   on Jun 10, 2019
updated Allaire State Park conditions to Poor
asasailor1   on Oct 12, 2017
added a review of Alafia River State Park

As with skiing Green, Blue and Black. Rated fairly. They're awesome trails, all of them. It takes good cardio and...
asasailor1   on Oct 12, 2017
added a review of Allaire State Park

Tiger Woods Trail. This is the most technical and difficult. Most can't even find it. Twisty, uppy, downy, under branches...
asasailor1   on Oct 7, 2016
added a review of Moab Brand Trails

My first ride in Moab. Great area not to spread out and plenty of choices. Encompasses the entire spectrum! Great...
Any of you guys fathers?
asasailor1   on Sep 11, 2016
commented on Watch: "Are you too old to mountain bike?"
Yes, i don't allow, or try not to allow the wheels to leave the ground too. Same for skiing and boating.... lol Smartest precaution to be taken ensuring our next birthday without injury too. RIDE ON
asasailor1   on Sep 11, 2016
commented on Watch: "Are you too old to mountain bike?"
Great! I'm planning a 2017 trip to Michigan and Minnesota areas. Upper P area of Mi, any suggestions of areas to ride? I use a trail bike too. Thanks
You hit a BULLSEYE! Well said Ironhead!
I started when I moved from suburban NJ to Staten Island, a borough of NYC. I couldn't ride a rode bike here, too congested. A ski buddy gave me a mountain bike and told me of the Greenbelt. Eventually, I left my Trek 12 speed in the basement of an apartment. In my home I…
asasailor1   on Sep 7, 2016
commented on alafia
asasailor1   on Sep 7, 2016
commented on alafia
This is like a ski area. Green, blue, black 2. Drops twists banks. Kudos to SWAMP bike club. THANKS from NJ Snowbird
asasailor1   on Aug 29, 2016
commented on 8 Yoga Poses for Mountain Bikers
You don't need to know all the underlying terms, muscles etc. If you do these you'll be injury free.... Been doing utube videos twice a week for this. And golf swing. and guitar fixes and plank variations
You have the knowledge to live A LONG LIFE with a lot LESS STRESS!
asasailor1   on Aug 22, 2016
replied to Gym Workouts
@64 my goal is to get stronger, slowly.  I am out every day doing something.  I try not to work hard enough to have a tired feeling the following day.  I use the gym 2-3 days a week, light weight many reps. i use magazine articles for workouts when I'm tired of swithching between gym…
asasailor1   on Aug 5, 2016
commented on a photo of Thunder Mountain
Trip is booked! October 2016!
I'm dancing listening to the responses @ 64 years old. I'm trying to do the opposite, ride the bike twice a week at the minimum. I spend 6 mon in Florida and 6 in NJ. I've been mountain biking 4 years. I visited Fruita, CO, last year. I'm returning there and Moab in September for…
As in boating down the Mississippi, its IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP AS with BIKING DOWNHILL. duh! YOU MUST GIVE WAY TO VESSELS...
OH, I appreciate the headsUP. I'll be heading there on Tuesday!
asasailor1   on Jan 13, 2015
added a comment on Sedona, Arizona: Not Just Another Moab
Great! Dear People, We Are Gathered here... to enjoy the wonderful opportunities of Sedona and Moab, rednecks & the like. I...
asasailor1   on Jan 13, 2015
added a comment on Top 10 Destination: Sedona, Arizona, Part 2
I've clearly decided to revisit Sedona! You have convinced me. Now.. fly to Flagstaff, ride a trail, rent a car, drive...
asasailor1   on Dec 26, 2014
added a comment on 10 Trails I Like More Than You
I'm racking my brain on how best to dent my Bucket lust, lust trying to plan a trip for September...
asasailor1   on Nov 30, 2014
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