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germantown // UNITED STATES

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Great trails! No idea this was here. I road all the Blue trails. Next time the yellow and red. Highly...

Good fun ride. Tree across the path if you take the yellow trail to the right out of the parking...

Pretty fun little single track. Lots of good climbs with many rewarding downhill runs. From Brink to 355 and back...
Roger Rogo Thorpe Jr.   on Oct 30, 2014
updated Lippman Park
to Leaf-covered.

Great park to ride. Lots of hills with lots of downhills to make up for it. Also the actual address...
to Wet.
to Leaf-covered.
Roger Rogo Thorpe Jr.   on Jul 12, 2014
created a My Trails

Great place to go. Im not a great at single track, but this place was really fun, and a complete...
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