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I love riding bikes around the country and am always looking for my next adventure. Whether it's five minutes from home or 1,000's of miles away, the simple joy of riding bikes is enough to make every ride great.

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Matthew Bonner   2 days ago
Hello! I'm writing an article on the 10 best mountains to summit with a mountain bike and am looking for some community input. Anything from a small knoll to a jagged South...
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In addition to my article on mountain bikeable summits, I'm researching the best descents the Breadbasket has to offer. Any downhill runs between the Dakotas to the west, Ohio to the east,...
Matthew Bonner   1 week ago
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
Ramble OnĀ  - Led Zeppelin Country Roads - John Denver Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd Fortunate Son - CCR Last but CERTAINLY not least... Bicycle Race - Queen Bicycle Race just has the exact right pace, vocals...
Matthew Bonner   2 weeks ago
replied to Back to WTB
I have a 2.3 Vigilante up front and a 2.25 Trail Boss on the rear. I agree that the Vigilantes look much bigger than 2.3. I ran into a guy on the...
Matthew Bonner   3 weeks ago
added a map of Timber Ridge
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The Mill Creek Trail in Virginia's Sherando Recreational Area is pretty bad. It's a nice, gentle climb and then BAM! In the last mile, the trail rises a little more than 1,000...
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Matthew Bonner   3 weeks ago
replied to Harrisonburg or Bentonville?
Harrisonburg definitely has more mountain riding. Classics like Timber Ridge, Narrowback, and Massanutten Mountain provide some of the best descents in the East. Period. At the same time, the Shenandoah Mountain Trail...
Matthew Bonner   3 weeks ago
added Massanutten Trail
The Massanutten Trail rides the ridge of Massanutten Mountain to circumnavigate Fort Valley. Expect technical terrain with steep climbs, obstacle-strewn...
Matthew Bonner   on Jun 16, 2018
As a Wisconsinite, Chris Farley is one of my heroes. That the bike was honoring(?) him was actually the initial thought that popped into my head when I first saw a Trek...
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Matthew Bonner   on Jun 12, 2018
replied to One Line Advice Thread
Run whatcha brung.
Matthew Bonner   on Jun 12, 2018
added a review of Timber Ridge

Sooooooooooo good! This trail is amazing! It's not for the newly minted mountain biker, however. Technical aspects, steep grades, and...
You hit it right on the head for me. If asked, my two favorite descents in the East would be Timber Ridge and Bear Creek. Timber Ridge is really special. When I rode it, a massive snowstorm had rolled though on the upper elevations, so I decided to ride up Timber Ridge to where the…
Stumpyfsr, not only are there class IV rapids in Wisconsin, but some of America's most remote rivers wind through the state's National Forest. When the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act pasted in 1968, only seven streams were initially designated. Both the St. Croix and Wolf Rivers were included in that group.
Matthew Bonner   on Jun 8, 2018
Matthew Bonner   on May 28, 2018
updated Quarry Ridge Park conditions to Good
Matthew Bonner   on May 28, 2018
rode 0.5 miles at Quarry Ridge Park

Afternoon Ride via Strava
Matthew Bonner   on May 28, 2018
rode 0.3 miles at Quarry Ridge Park

Afternoon Ride via Strava
Matthew Bonner   on May 20, 2018
added Treasure's Trace
Treasure's Trace makes up the first of a series of trails that connects the Namakagon Cluster to the Cable Cluster....
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Matthew Bonner   on May 20, 2018
added Esker Trail
The Esker Trail is the third (or first, depending on your ride's direction) of a series of trails connecting the...
Matthew Bonner   on May 20, 2018
added Danky Dank
Danky Dank, the second of a series of trails connecting the Namakagon Cluster to the Cable Cluster, features an incredible...
Matthew Bonner   on May 20, 2018
added a review of Newman Springs Trail

For a doubletrack trail, Newman Springs is pretty awesome. Loops B and E get so STEEP that the only two...
Matthew Bonner   on May 20, 2018
added Newman Springs Trail
Keep in mind that this trail is closed from March 15th to April 30th to avoid damaging the tread while...
If you're going to Bentonville, you might want to think about venturing into the Ozarks. I've been to both places, and Copper Harbor has a special place in my heart for all...
Matthew Bonner   on Apr 22, 2018
replied to Mountain biking season yet?
I'm with Ivan. Southern Wisconsin wasn't spared either. On the bright side, mild temps have finally moved in, and the trails should be dry enough to ride by next weekend.
Matthew Bonner   on Feb 3, 2018
rode 9.2 miles at Milwaukee River Trail

Morning Ride via Strava
Matthew Bonner   on Jan 1, 2018
replied to Got a "home" trail?
After 15 minutes of biking, I can get to both the Milwaukee River Trail and Kletzsch Park. Right now they are covered in an inch of snow, and the temperature is around...
I haven't tried many dedicated mountain biking shoes, but the Merrell Moab 2 is a great hiking boot that somehow works on Crank Brothers 50/50 pedals. They are rock solid and my...
I've bought everything from chainrings to whole bikes off of CRC. Every order except one went flawlessly. I'm still in awe about how fast their orders come from the U.K.
Matthew Bonner   on Dec 18, 2017
replied to better upgrade: fork or dropper?
"there is a limited benefit to the dropped that can be deemed useless(overkill) in probably 35 states." Although I agree that it is overkill in some states, I wouldn't say 35. In fact,...
Matthew Bonner   on Dec 14, 2017
replied to Northwest Arkansas
I visited Bentonville last November, and I can confirm the awesomeness of their trails. My favorite trails there were probably at Blowing Springs. If you fancy good natural trails, it has a...
I feel good on 750mm bars. That said, I haven't had much experience with anything bigger than that. Here in Milwaukee, tight trees are obstacles used to spice up the trails. There...
Matthew Bonner   on Aug 31, 2017
rode 1 miles at Harlow lake area trails

Afternoon Ride via Strava
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