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Tires... Ive spent countless hours searching the web and reading reviews looking for THE right tire. Here in Québec the...
phil05   on Mar 29, 2014
added a comment on New Product: SRAM GUIDE Brakes
I had a pair of elixirs... Not a bad brakes but i really had noise problem. The hayes stroker trail...
phil05   on Mar 5, 2014
added a comment on Join Us in Taking the 30 Days of Biking Challenge!
Would really like to, but it will depend on the snow melting rate. Trails take a few weeks here to...
phil05   on Feb 20, 2014
added a comment on My Top 5 Dream Bikes: The Quiver Perfecta
That Vault is pretty sexy... Do you know the retail price ? I started looking for a true road bike...
phil05   on Feb 17, 2014
added a review of Mont Bromont

Bromont is a great place for chailift accessed DH, but has been outshined by many other places in Quebec for...
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phil05   on Feb 17, 2014
added a review of Mont Sainte-anne

Like Bromont, this is a place where chairlift accessed DH is at its best. However, this review is for the...
phil05   on Feb 17, 2014
added a review of Sentiers Du Moulin

Very technical network of trails with few beginner friendly options. For that reason, it may not be the best place...

Very nice network with something for everyone. Beurre d'érable ans sucre d'orge trails are defenatly beginner friendly, but are also...
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