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jfstevens1   on Jul 19, 2007
added a review of Storm Endurance Sports

The customer service is out of this world, and Charlie Storm is not only knowledgeable, he is one heck of...
jfstevens1   on Jul 19, 2007
added Storm Endurance Sports
Storm Endurance Sports

This trail is a good time, and can be enjoyed by many skill levels. If you consider yourself a good...

I rode these trails counter-clockwise, starting with Supertree, and finishing on Keyauwee. If you go this direction, there is one...
jfstevens1   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
jfstevens1   on Apr 21, 2005
added a review of American Tobacco Trail

What can you say, it's a level sand trail. It is ok for just putting some miles on your bike,...
jfstevens1   on Mar 15, 2005
added a review of Governor's Creek

This trail is a hidden gem in the middle of nowhere. The beginning and end of the trail were pretty...
jfstevens1   on Feb 28, 2005
added a review of Devil's Ridge

I went just after a rain, and the trail was really muddy, it was an all around fun ride, a...
jfstevens1   on Feb 13, 2005
added a review of Hog Run/Harris Lake

The three loops make this a great set of trails. The beginner loop is too short, but the other two...
jfstevens1   on Feb 11, 2005
added a review of San-lee Park

Lots of loose gravel and roots- made for a jackhammer ride that I loved. Lots of uphills, short sweet blasts....
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