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Cascade // Idaho

Ebikes are a tough one that is not going away. The easy out for agencies are that they do contain a motor and therefore are motorized. The land managers guidelines are motorized (multi-use) or non motorized for trail descriptions. In Idaho we have around 5,000 miles of multi-use trails that are open to anything single…
I think it is fair to say that yes mountain biking is improving small mountain towns, however, in Idaho it is a total change of demographics as well. People are just moving...
Holy crap. I have a meeting about building a bike park tonight for the kids. Might have to call in sick.
morpwr4bri   on Dec 4, 2017
added a photo of Big Elk Creek Trail
Beautiful early winter ride.
morpwr4bri   on Dec 4, 2017
added a review of Big Elk Creek Trail

Excellent trail for early winter fat biking. Trail has easy climb and is pretty wide for about 4 miles. Awesome...
morpwr4bri   on Jun 17, 2016
added Crown Point Trail
Trail goes along Cascade Res. for 2.5 miles and is the old rail road bed that went to McCall. A...
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