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Telluride // Colorado

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I use an odor-eliminator spray designed for hunting. There are several brands that can be purchased from any sporting goods store. This way I can wear them multiple times before washing.
yetiyahoo   on Oct 3, 2015
added a review of Hartman Rocks

Great trail system for all levels of riders. Also a good place to camp as you can camp in or...
yetiyahoo   on Jul 11, 2013
checked in at Prospect Trail
yetiyahoo   on Jul 11, 2013
updated Prospect Trail
to Open.
yetiyahoo   on Jul 11, 2013
created a My Trails
yetiyahoo   on Mar 24, 2013
added a review of River Trail

This is a commuter and multi-use trail. You will more than likely encounter several people walking, jogging and pets. Please...
yetiyahoo   on Dec 1, 2012
added a review of Galloping Goose

Great trail xcountry trail that goes as long as you want. Several places that cross roads and intersect with other...
yetiyahoo   on Nov 30, 2012
added a review of Prospect Trail

Great xcountry trail with gradual to moderate ascends....if your acclimatized to ascending at 10k ' If not, it's moderate to...
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