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Jurassic   on Jul 21, 2008
added a review of Centennial Cone Park

Ride this trail CLOCKWISE. There's some great Singletrack sections on the Travois Trail that are best riden going downhill. The...
Jurassic   on Sep 1, 2007
added 26 photos.
Heading up the Spring Creek Trail
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Jurassic   on Jul 26, 2007
added a review of Annadel State Park

Working in Santa Rosa for the Summer, and Annadel has some pretty sweet trails. The ride up Spring Creek is...
Jurassic   on Jun 22, 2007
added a review of Marshall Mesa Area

There's a new trailhead at US 93 for Marshal Mesa. Best way to ride this trail now is to start...
Jurassic   on Jun 15, 2007
added 12 photos.
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Jurassic   on Jun 15, 2007
added a review of Green Mountain

I don't know why people complain about Green Mountain, because it has a little bit of everything. Some fun singletrack...
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Jurassic   on Jun 15, 2007
added a review of West Magnolia

Not sure what arnolda14 is smokin', but there are so many trails up here, West Mag, East Mag, Dot Trail,...
Jurassic   on Jun 2, 2007
added 7 photos.
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Jurassic   on May 30, 2007
added High Plains Trail
This is a new section of singletrack that flows across the high plains West of Superior that opened this Spring...
Jurassic   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails

Start from Bridge Creek and ride the Burro Trail and then head West on Mt. Lion. This section has a...
Jurassic   on Oct 3, 2006
added 5 photos.
Double-Track on the Snoeshoe Hare Trail
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