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KHS 6500


Tom-O on July 16, 2015
Tom-O on July 16, 2015
Purchased at my LBS; Adrenalin Bikes; the guys there gave me a great deal on a custom build and did a great job. Originally I was working off of the 5500 build they offered but when the frame came in it had a very bad scratch on it and since it was the last one in my size, I was given a 6500 frame instead. I had previously rode a Santa Cruz Superlight for several years and was ready for a new bike and one with more travel, The KHS 6500 was a great choice design and value wise. The bike is rock solid and handles with precision. The ride is a bit twitchy going uphill but that's to be expected with todays shorter stem preference. Downhill the X-Fusion front and rear suspension perform as well as any Rock Shox or Fox setups I have used previously. Big hits and small bumps were all handled with aplomb and comfort. This is a bike that certainly and easily holds it's own with any of the more popular, and better known bikes costing $1,000 or more than the list price of the KHS. I am sold on the 27.5 wheel size, it not only holds a better line downhill and through the rough stuff it seemingly rolls uphill better. My component mix was all XT so it is a bomb proof build. KHS is a bit overlooked but is certainly worth it in all respects. Enjoy the day, enjoy the ride!
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