Danny MacAskill journeys to the abandoned city of Epecuen, which was destroyed by flood waters in 1985 that have now receded. Where others see only desolation, Danny sees a playground.

Watch the video here.

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  • Jeff Barber

    There’s a Google Hangout with Danny at 12pm EST I think (5pm GMT–I’m never good at converting). You can tweet questions before the Hangout with #epecuen .

  • delphinide

    -“Que Maestro!” as they say in Argentina. Wow.

    -My day is now complete

    -After watching this video, I am becoming more suspicious that Danny boy has sold his soul to the devil

    -@4:40: case in point

    -Danny Mac is like Jackie Chan, Shaun White, and a leprechaun all rolled into one.

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