This must be one hell of a mountain bike track!

There’s a new mountain bike trail on Mt. Wellington in Tasmania (Australia) and according to legendary trail designer Glen Jacobs, “this is an amazing piece of hand-built engineering of unequalled workmanship.” If you don’t know him, Jacobs is to mountain bike trails what Jack Nicklaus is to golf courses and his work includes the 2000 Sydney Olympic MTB course plus hundreds of trails in 19 countries.

An article in the Mercury describes the trail as 3km long and is “one of the world’s best tracks”, “good enough to attract riders from around the world.” Pretty impressive, though it would have to be an especially magical trail for me to travel around the world for a ride that’s currently less than 2 miles long. This short-but-sweet track even took two and a half YEARS to construct – almost one year per thousand meters of trail! Put another way, that’s just shy of 11 feet of trail constructed per day. Guess you can’t rush quality 😉

Unfortunately the article didn’t share any photos or really describe what the trail is about (freeride? downhill? cross country?). If you’ve had the chance to check out the new ‘wonder trail,’ send us some pics – we’re dying to see what the hype is about!