Riding the Triangle of the Monegros Desert on Two Wheels [Video]

David Cachon explores the trails of the Monegros Desert in Spain on two wheels.

From David Cachon:

Many stories from the past tell about this region, some may be true, some may not. Witchcraft, strange events, appearances and disappearances. Surely they will be things of the past, of those that the elderly invented to try to explain events that escaped understanding. But the truth is that this curious triangle located in the Monegros Desert has always caught my attention. What treasures will it hide? How many trails will it harbor in its entrails? Its small population, its curious land formations (generated by the erosion of wind and water), the hostility of its meteorology and that I grew up right next to this place and that I know so little about it … is what has led to join two of my passions in this adventure: motorcycles and bicycles. Can you think of a better way to explore a desert in search of good trails?