The Fruita of the Front Range … In Pueblo?

The Colorado Spring Gazette had a great article two weeks ago about the South Shore mountain bike trails down in Pueblo, Colorado. The trails are being compared to Fruita and apparently alot of Front Range riders are flocking to take advantage of the 48 miles of dry trails this winter. JJonas went down there recently and had good things to say.

Like Fruita the Pueblo trails were originally developed organically (that is to say, unofficially which is to say sorta illegally). Fortunately land managers in Pueblo have embraced the trails recently and made them official which is great news for bikers. In this case the end has justified the means but this isn’t usually how it works. In general, building trails on public land without permission is like a mountain bike with square wheels – not a good idea.

Fruita was the new Moab, now Pueblo is the next Fruita? I have a feeling Albuquerque might be the next Pueblo 😉