Singletracks Trail Widgets: Local Trails, Conditions, and Trail Info

Singletracks offers free trail widgets for bike shops, MTB clubs, tourism groups, and pretty much anyone with a webpage and the ability to cut and paste. Here’s a quick overview.

Local Trails

Choose to display a map of mountain bike trails close to a city like the example shown above, or pick individual trails to include on your map. This is a great way for a local bike shop to showcase trails near town or for bloggers writing about an epic MTB road trip with specific trail stops along the way. Use this form to generate your custom embed code.

Trail Conditions


This is our newest widget and it makes use of the trail conditions that are displayed on our own trail pages. For many MTB clubs, maintaining and sharing up-to-date trail conditions online can be a technical or logistical challenge, and this widget makes it dead simple. Plus, when you share the latest conditions, that info is instantly visible on your club’s website AND Singletracks, where literally millions of mountain bikers get trail information each year.

Trail Information


Looking to showcase a local trail for your tourism website or in an article posted online? The Singletracks Trail Widget makes it easy. This widget is constantly updated with the latest trail length and difficulty, plus we pick the best photo of the trail as determined by our massive online community.

API (Advanced)

While our API isn’t cut-and-paste like the widgets above, it is a powerful way to access the latest trail information on Singletracks within your web or mobile application.

There’s even a widget for bike shops to share the latest Singletracks shop reviews on their website. Look for the “Share (Embed)” link on the right side of your shop page (here’s an example).

We’re working on even more ways for you to share Singletracks info so stay tuned. Tell us about the ways you’re already using our widgets and API data!

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